Where to watch Here Comes the Grump in Dubai cinemas

A colourful animation with a simple script

  • Get your animated fix with this remake of a classic cartoon from April 26. Book your tickets; Vox Cinemas and Novo Cinemas. Check your local branch's website for up-to-date timings.

A storyline that has been tried and tested an inexplicable amount of times is the Alice in Wonderland plot where a character is placed in a whimsical world. Sometimes, a movie can mix up the formula just enough to keep this kind of plot interesting. Other times, which seems to be Here Comes the Grump’s case, not so much. Despite a story we’ve seen a bazillion times and some questionable voice acting heard in the trailer, director Andrés Couturier may have put enough colourful animation and joy into his latest to give us a chuckle.

Terry Dexter (Toby Kebbell), thought all his grandmother’s fairytales of balloon kingdoms and police dragons were all for fun, until he realises they are very much true when he is transported there. While exploring he finds out that a grumpy old wizard, simply called The Grump (Ian McShane), is terrorising the world, and it’s up to him and Princess Dawn (Lily Collins) to find a magical key to stop him.

Why must he be the reluctant hero to stop The Grump? Time will tell. This movie is edging more towards family-fun entertainment rather than a serious storyline. Looks fun but forgettable.

The bottom line
A colourful animation with a simple script.


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