Surrogates DVD review

This cagey and clever speculative fiction casts Bruce Willis in dual roles

Dir Jonathan Mostow US (PG15)

This cagey and clever speculative fiction casts Bruce Willis in dual roles that allow him to show off his Bogart-level prowess. He’s FBI agent Harvey Greer, one man split between two selves: a paunchy, sad-eyed hunk of fallible human flesh, and a flawlessly formed, near-indestructible robotic surrogate that does almost all of his outer-world living. This is the reality inhabited by the film’s characters, most of whom prefer to have mechanical avatars do their daily grinding. Save a few pockets of ‘human only’ resistance, Earth is a crime-free utopia… until two surrogates, and their respective human operators, are murdered by an unknown assailant.

What follows is pulp made near-profound through director Jonathan Mostow’s sure-handed guidance (even if it does just sound like someone edited I, Robot and Avatar together to make a new film without extending any effort). It never quite reaches the heights of Mostow’s 1997 action film Breakdown, but – as with that film’s star, Kurt Russell – Mostow elicits from Willis a grizzled and affecting performance. Their work is certain to go unrecognised because it’s so seemingly effortless (and contained within a film that embraces B-movie trappings rather than elevating them). Surrogates is an A-list blockbuster that would fit proudly on the lower half of a double bill.
Keith Uhlich

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