The Karate Kid

Remake of the hugely popular (and brilliant) 1984 film of the same name


Jackie Chan, Jaden 'Will's son' Smith

The pitch

Oh, sweet nugget of naffness, they’ve remade 1984 pop culture touchstone The Karate Kid. Mr Miyagi is now the far less funny-of-name Mr Han, played (we suspect perfectly) by Chan. Will Smith’s spawn is the Detroit kid hauled off to the tough streets of Beijing to be bullied by mean Chinese kids, until an eccentric sensei takes him under his wing and teaches him to chop like a champion.

The word

We’re not suggesting for a minute that this will actually be good, but as an exercise in reverent nostalgia for big kids of a certain age, this is Saturday afternoon gold of the purest kind. All together now: wax on, wax off…

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