Megamind DVD review

Fun packed superhero cartooon starring Will Ferrell

(G) US. Will Ferrell, Brad Pill, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill

This hyperactive Dreamworks animation is about Megamind, a blue, bulbous-headed scoundrel, voiced by Will Ferrell, who plunges into depression when he unexpectedly kills his rival, Metro Man (voiced by Brad Pitt), and finds himself short of anyone to foil his schemes. At a low ebb (and holding a torch for feisty reporter Roxanne Ritchi, voiced by Tina Fey) he entertains the notion of giving up evil. If this sounds like the recent Despicable Me, that’s because it rolls with a similar idea, albeit employing reference-heavy humour aimed at a more mature audience. But the film also pinches a few pages out of the Kick-Ass rule book, notably in the way it delights in revealing the mundane chores of life as a full-time master of chaos.

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