The Hit List on DVD

Fast-paced action movie goes straight to DVD

(TBA) US. Cuba Gooding Jr, Cole Hauser, Jonathan LaPaglia

This fast-paced action was ditched by its distributors before it could be fully released across the world’s cinemas – exactly why, considering it’s on par with many action films we’ve seen of late, we don’t know. The story starts with a demoralised businessman (Hauser) meeting a mysterious stranger (Gooding Jr) in a bar who claims to be a hitman who can take out five targets, free of charge. The businessman, thinking it’s a rhetorical conversation, jots down the people who have deceived or undermined him – only to wake up the next day to hear that one of them is dead. Begin the hunt for the hunter. While it’s not a movie that will change your life, it’s a perfectly decent afternoon’s worth, and we love Cuba Gooding Jr as a haggard badass.

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