Unknown on DVD

Liam Neeson in silly Hollywood coma drama

Now Harrison Ford has stepped aside, let’s look at the new model currently at the centre of these give-me-back-my-family thrillers. Liam Neeson is a far more likable brow-furrower than Han Solo ever was. In Unknown, he plays a brainy American doctor sent to Berlin to give a presentation. Call it a sign of impending doom that his wife is played by the perpetually dour Jones; his taxi goes off a bridge and, emerging from a coma a few days later, he’s recognised by no one, least of all his ice queen.

You will either be the kind of person who’s fine with the subsequent Kafka-esque nonsense, or you’ll hit the brakes. Frankly, we don’t want to live in a world devoid of such robust Hollywood silliness. Unknown is probably the movie The Tourist wanted to be, if it had a pulse.

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