Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Modern horror cinema started here. Romero’s low-budget nightmare movie blazed a trail for all those to follow, including Wes Craven (The Last House on the Left), David Cronenberg (Shivers), Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead). With its radically subversive approach to generic conventions, uncompromisingly nihilistic social vision and Vietnam War-inspired political anger, this groundbreaking zombie movie broke the rules and trampled on taboos. Holed up in an isolated farmhouse, Barbara and a small group of fellow survivors are besieged by an ever-swelling tide of shambling undead flesheaters, whose dietary habits are portrayed in gory, visceral detail. Romero later expanded his apocalyptic world view with Dawn, Day and Land of the Dead; but these sequels never matched the gut-wrenching, nerve-shredding intensity of this game-changing début. NF
Dir George A Romero (Duane Jones, Judith O’Dea, Marilyn Eastman)

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