The Expendables 2 preview

Action hero retirement home is back for sequel

Sylvester Stallone’s knowingly dumb action throwback The Expendables (2010) divided audiences: some thought its old-fashioned blend of wisecracks and violence was a welcome change from slick modern blockbusters, while others thought the weak script and direction (by Stallone himself) let the film down. Well, here comes a second chance to get it right, as Stallone hires Con Air director Simon West for another unashamedly silly all-action, celeb-stuffed bullet festival. The plot is still under wraps – not that it really matters – but what we do know is that it was shot in Bulgaria. Mickey Rourke won’t be returning, but Jean-Claude Van Damme has stepped in to play the villain, a Frenchman called (with typical Stallone subtlety) Jean Vilain. Otherwise, the usual suspects – Jason Statham, Jet Li and Dolph Lundgren – are back, and expect bigger roles this time around for cameo players Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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