The end is High

It has been an emotional trilogy, but now we're ready to say goodbye to the class of High School Musical.

He has immaculate millinery to match his every flamboyant wardrobe ensemble. He’s into the performing arts, and he’s closer to his mother than his father. Ryan Evans, as played by Lucas Grabeel, is also the only High School Musical lead not to have a love interest.

You play diva Sharpay’s fashion-forward brother. Was your closet bulging for High School Musical 3?
Oh yeah, lots of crazy hats and strange outfits. Like yesterday, I had black riding boots up to my knees with coral pants tucked into them. It’s just ridiculous, because in real life I’m a jeans-and-T-shirts guy.

Is Ryan still running around doing whatever Sharpay tells him to?
At the end of the last film, he made a stand for himself and joined with the Wildcats playing baseball and directing ‘Everyday,’ the number that all of them did together. So in the new film, Ryan’s choreographing the end- of-year show for the seniors and doing what he really wants to do. But, he’s still doing that balancing act of also trying to keep his sister happy.

Any over-the-top dance numbers for Ryan and Sharpay this time around?
The biggest ever! [Laughs] We’ve just been filming ‘I Want It All’; some of it in the cafeteria. It’s a like a fantasy number with hundreds of extras. I think Ashley has five costume changes. I think it’s going to be amazing on screen.

Talking of Ashley, I guess we all want to know if she’s anything like Sharpay in real life…
Ashley’s great! We’ve worked together for a little while now and I have a lot of respect for her. Last night we were doing a musical number and Ashley hadn’t realised we’d also be doing some of the dialogue from the scene, as well as the dancing. So Ashley like totally cuts off the rest of the world and focuses on that and suddenly she’s got it down. I don’t think Sharpay would be able to do that! But Ashley has a real determination about her once she puts her mind to something.

Apart from Ashley, who did you get closest to in the cast?
I think we’re all pretty tight. I’ve also made a lot of friends on the crew because this is my seventh movie with Disney and it’s often the same crew from one film to the next, so I know everyone really well. I’m always chatting with the crew, asking about what’s going on in each shot, because I’m just as interested in what goes on behind the camera, in what the director or producer or cameraman does, as the acting side of things.

What’s your favourite High School Musical memory?
Going caving with Chucky Klapow [one of the HSM choreographers], Monique Coleman [Taylor] and Olesya Rulin [Kelsi] on the first film. Olesya is from Russia, she’s a hard-as-nails woman, she can take anything, and she’d been caving before. And me, I’m from Missouri, which is also known as the Cave State, so I have been in many caves in my life. But Chucky and Monique have been raised in the city and never even knew what a cave looked like, let alone been inside one and got dirty and crawled along on their bellies. We didn’t tell Monique about the rat until later. And afterwards we just lay out on some rocks and looked at the sky and all the shooting stars and we each picked up a rock, like we were going to remember this moment forever, because it was the beginning of these new friendships and this great new adventure.

High Society

In common with the greatest works of Chekhov and Shakespeare, all humanity must find its psychological equivalent in the East High student body. But which, fair reader, are you? Find out with our handy cut-out-and-keep psychometric profiling system.

Troy Bolton
Your look: James Dean meets all-American jock.
Your soul: Dude, enough of the soppy stuff. Let’s shoot some hoops.
Your Dubai scene: Johnny Rockets, Mall of the Emirates, Irish Village.

Gabriella Montez
Your look: Fluffy kitten.
Your soul: The window to your eyes.
Your Dubai scene: Teens 4 Positive Action, Magrudy’s maths department, The Old Library at Ductac.

Sharpay Evans
Your look: All the grace and sophistication of Paris. Hilton.
Your soul: Like, do you even have one? Bitchy by name, bitchy by nature.
Your Dubai scene: Jumeirah Centre for Aesthetic surgery. In a Swarovski-fringed pink negligee.

Ryan Evans
Your look: Teen pastel Liberace
Your soul: Like Barbara Hershey in Beaches, you are the wind beneath another’s wings. You want to fly higher than an eagle but… something’s stopping you.
Dubai hangouts: Power Yoga at Fitness First, Submarine at Dhow Palace, Jules at Le Meridien Dubai.

High School Musical 3 is out now.

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