DIFF schedule: Fri 12

Make the most of Dubai International Film Festival and head to a movie screening.

Critics’ choice

The Story Of Mr. Sorry: Completely bonkers animation from South Korea about an earwax-remover who crawls into his clients’ ears. We didn’t know animation in South Korea was in such rude health. Animation, 64 mins, 14.30, MoE 6

Salamandra: A young boy has a hard time figuring out the strange world around him, in this superb, weird South American tale. Cinema of the World, 91 mins, 15.45, MoE 5

Country Wedding: Hilarious hi-jinks in the wilds of Iceland as the wedding day from hell gets underway. Cinema of the World, 95 mins, 16.30, MoE 6

Peace Mission: Have you heard of ‘Nollywood’? Us neither. But this brilliant documentary on the ramshackle, yet thriving movie industry in Nigeria is off-beat, colourful and much fun. The Cinema of Asia/Africa, 80 mins, 18.45, MoE 4

Australia: Baz Luhrmann’s epic, expansive romance, long-awaited and positively tipped for greatness. Cinema of the World, 170 mins, 20.00, Madinat Arena

Gulf Voices, Short Films:
Ten short films from across the Gulf, including the satire of Terrorism-Tourism, tense drama in The Rescue and a young boy’s farewell to his grandmother in Bint Al Nokhitha. Gulf Voices, 130 mins, 21.30, MoE 6

Also showing

Ballast: Cinema of the World, 96 mins, 21.45, MoE 5

Brazil: Lifetime Achievement, Terry Gilliam. 142 mins, 15.15, MoE 2

Cheb Lifetime Achievement: Rachid Bouchareb. 82 mins, 12.15, MoE 6

Chevolution: Cinema of the World, 86 mins, 15.45, MoE 9

China Is Still Far: Muhr Arab Awards, 120 mins, 15.30, MoE 4

Dawn Of The World: Muhr Arab Awards, 100 mins, 21.45, MoE 2

Days Of Boredom: Muhr Arab Awards, 96 mins, 18.45, MoE 2

Eye Of The Sun: Arabian Nights, 90 mins, 19.00, MoE 7

Forbidden Childhood: Arabian Nights, 92 mins, 18.45, MoE 6

II Divo: In Focus, 118 mins, 12.15, MoE 2

Kissing Cousins: A Celebration of Indian Cinema, 98 mins, 22.00, MoE 8

Largo Winch: Cinema of the World, 108 mins, 20.30, Souk Theatre

Love And Other Crimes: Cinema of the World, 105 mins, 13.00, MoE 4

Machan: Cultral Bridge, 109 mins, 18.45, MoE 12

Momma’s Man: Cinema of the World, 94 mins, 13.00, MoE 9

Muhr Africa Asia Awards: Short Films 1: A selection of four films for this short move collection: 35 Meters From The Water, Downstairs, Jesus And The Giant and The Woman Who Is Beating The Earth. Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 87 mins, noon, MoE 8

Open Shutters Iraq: Muhr Arab Awards, 102 mins, 18.30, MoE 9

Return To Hansala: Cultral Bridge, 95 mins, 15.45, MoE 12

River People: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 88 mins, 21.30, MoE 4

Shanghai Blues: Lifetime Achievement Tsui Hark. 103 mins, 12.30, MoE 5

Slingshot Hip Hop: Rhythm and Reels: 83 mins, 20.00, DMC Amphitheatre

Stone Of Destiny: Cultural Bridge, 96 mins, 13.00, MoE 7

The Last Thakur: The Cinema of AsiaAfrica, 80 mins, 21.45, MoE 9

The Moon At The Bottom Of The Well: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 121 mins, 18.30, MoE 5

The One Man Village: Muhr Arab Awards, 86 mins, 19.00, MoE 8

The Seven Of Daran: Cinema for Children, 86 mins, 15.30, Madinat Arena

Three Monkeys: The Cinema of AsiaAfrica, 109 mins, 21.30, MoE 12

Three Women: The Cinema of AsiaAfrica, 94 mins, 22.00, MoE 7

Tulpan: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 100 mins, 15.45, MoE 7

Valentino: The Last Emperor: Cinema of the World, 96 mins, 14.45, Souk Theatre

Yes Madam, Sir: Cinema of the World, 95 mins, 12.30, MoE 12

Zimbabwe: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 82 mins, 16.30, MoE 8

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