DIFF schedule: Mon. 15

Make the most of Dubai International Film Festival and head to a movie screening.

Critics’ choice

Arabian Nights: Short Films A selection of short films, including Fried Dreams, in which an Egyptian girl enters a strange dreamscape; It’s Sunday, which sees a young boy’s lie coming back to bite him; and The Door Of Forgiveness, in which a Tunisian man faces up to his humiliating past. Arabian Nights, 74 mins, 21.30, MoE 5

Gomorra: Dark, gritty series of mafia tales dredged from the seedy underbelly of Naples. The book’s author is now under police protection, perhaps reflecting the extreme accuracy of this screenplay. In Focus, 135 mins, 21.30, Souk Theatre

Hunger: Director Steve McQueen’s brutal account of IRA prisoner Bobby Sands’ 1981 hunger strike at the infamous Maze prison, has been pulling in the kudos across the festival circuit this year, not least for the astonishing lead performance by Michael Fassbender. Cinema of the World, 96 mins, 22.15, MoE 2

Mental: A documentary about life in a Japanese mental home pulls no punches with its frank assessment of the parlous state of the country’s psychiatric care. Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 18.00, MoE 9

Sita Sings The Blues: Lovely, sweet and frequently loopy animated re-working of the traditional Indian tale, the Ramanya, soundtracked by a smoky jazz score and reflecting a kaleidoscope of styles and influences. Animation, 82 mins, 18.15, Festival City 8

We Went To Wonderland: An elderly Chinese couple visit Europe for the first time, tracked by their daughter, in a sweet and touching semi-home movie. Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 76 mins, noon, MoE 9

Also showing

Aref Squared/Awaiting For Men: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 65 mins/56 mins, 15.15, MoE 8

Black Nation: Cinema of the World, 90 mins, 16.30, MoE 12

Be Calm And Count To Seven: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 12.30, MoE 6

Cadillac Records: Rhythm and Reels, 120 mins, 20.00, DMC Amphitheatre

Che: Cinema of the World, 262 mins, 16.30, Festival City 3

China Is Still Far: Muhr Arab Awards, 120 mins, 12.45, MoE 7

Do You Remember Adil?: Muhr Arab Awards, 85 mins, 15.30, MoE 5

Firaaq: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 101 mins, 18.45, MoE 12

I Loved So Much.../To My Father: Muhr Arab Awards, 50 mins/52 mins, 21.00, MoE 4

Largo Winch: Cinema of the World, 108 mins, 15.30, Festival City 8

Marina Of The Zabbaleen: Muhr Arab Awards, 70 mins, 18.45, MoE 4

Mostefa Ben Boulaid: Muhr Arab Awards, 18.30, MoE 2

Muhr Africa Asia Awards: Short Films 1 A selection of four films for this short move collection: 35 Meters From The Water, Downstairs, Jesus And The Giant and The 
Woman Who Is Beating The Earth: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 87 mins, 21.45, MoE 8

Muhr Arab Awards: Short Films 1 Three short movies: The North Road, Arafat And I and Winter’s Day Visits. Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 80 mins, 16.00, MoE 7

Muhr Arab Awards: Short Films 3 Five short movies: Souvenirs d’Algier, Borderline, Door, The Maid and Pummelo. Muhr. Africa Asia Awards, 107 mins, 18.45, MoE 8

Native Dancer: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 87 mins, 22.00, MoE 6

Open Shutters Iraq: Muhr Arab Awards, 102 mins, 19.00, MoE 6

Our Forbidden Places: Muhr Arab Awards, 104 mins, 12.30, MoE 4

PA RA DA: Cultural Bridge, 100 mins, 21.00, Festival City 8

Pranzo Di Ferragosto: In Focus, 80 mins, 15.15, MoE 2

Pomegranates And Myrrh: Arabian Nights, 95 mins, 19.00, Festival City 9

River People: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 88 mins, 12.15, MoE 8

Sidewalk Sisters: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 115 mins, 21.30, MoE 7

Sea Point Days: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 94 mins, 15.30, MoE 4

Cultural Bridge, 107 mins, 20.00, Madinat Arena

Son Of A Lion: The Cinema of AsiaAfrica, 92 mins, 18.30, MoE 7

Survival Song: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 94 mins, 14.00, MoE 9

The Sea Within: A Celebration of Indian Cinema, 120 mins, 18.00, Souk Theatre

The Truth Be Told…: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 105 mins, 21.45, MoE 9

The Wrestler: Cinema of the World, 105 mins, 21.30, Festival City 9

Teza: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 140 mins, 18.15, MoE 5

These Hands: Muhr Arab Awards, 120 mins, 15.15, MoE 6

Tulpan: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 100 mins, 21.45, MoE 12

Cinema of the World, 129 mins, 22.00, Festival City 3

Vacation: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 12.15, MoE 5

Valu, The Bull: A Celebration of Indian Cinema, 120 mins, 16.00, Festival City 9

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