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Make the most of Dubai International Film Festival and head to a movie screening.

Critics’ choice

Gulf Voices: Short Films Ten short films from across the Gulf, including the satire of Terrorism-Tourism, tense drama in The Rescue and a young boy’s farewell to his grandmother in Bint Al Nokhitha. Gulf Voices, 130 mins, 21.30, MoE 1

Gulf Voices: Short Films Ten short films from across the Gulf, including the satire of Terrorism-Tourism, tense drama in The Rescue and a young boy’s farewell to his grandmother in Bint Al Nokhitha. Gulf Voices, 130 mins, 21.45, Festival City 8

More Than Just A Game: The fascinating story of Makana FC, a football club set up by inmates at Robben Island jail in South Africa, during the 1960s. Today, those whose lives revolved around the exercise yard club recall it fondly. Nelson Mandela wasn’t allowed to join, apparently. Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 13.45, MoE 6

Son Of A Lion: The story of how this film, about a young boy and his ex-Mujaheddin father in the wilds of North West Pakistan came to be made, is almost as fascinating as the rather touching and beautifully shot story itself. First-time director Benjamin Gilmour dressed, spoke and acted as a Pashtun to film on location, in one of the most tense environments in the region. The Cinema of AsiaAfrica, 92 mins, 18.45, Festival City 9

The Hurt Locker: Kathryn Bigelow’s flat-out tale of soldiers losing the plot in the heat of battle is worryingly well-observed and grimly gripping throughout. Cinema of the World, 130 mins, 21.30, MoE 2

Three Monkeys: Seeing, hearing and doing no evil is clearly off the menu in this psychological drama in modern day Turkey, as a small group of people lie, cheat and double-cross each other to the very depths of deceit and depravity. Not one for the kids. The Cinema of AsiaAfrica, 109 mins, 16.30, Festival City 8

Tokyo Sonata: A Japanese family quietly implodes from within, all the while trying to maintain business as usual. Subtle, sinister and blackly funny, this coolly considered piece says all is well in the Japanese indie film scene. The Cinema of AsiaAfrica, 119 mins, 21.30, MoE 5

Also showing

A Fiance for Yasmina: Arabian Nights, 93 mins, 19.00, MoE 7

Adhen-Dernier Maquis: Muhr Arab Awards, 93 mins, 16.00, MoE 8

After The War: Muhr Arab Awards, 82 mins, 16.00, MoE 4

Black Nation: Cinema of the World, 90 mins, 18.45, MoE 12

Casanegra: Muhr Arab Awards, 124 mins, 18.15, Souk Theatre

Dada’s Dance: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 21.45, MoE 8

Days Of Boredom: Muhr Arab Awards, 96 mins, 15.15, MoE 5

Dhin Tak Dha and The End Of The Tunnel: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 101 mins, 22.00, MoE 6

El Sistema: Cultural Bridge, 120 mins, 18.45, MoE 8

Grandmother’s Flower: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 90 mins, 16.45, MoE 9

Francaise: Muhr Arab Awards, 74 mins, 14.30, MoE 9

Heaven On Earth: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 15.30, MoE 12

Hey Don’t Forget The Cumin/Samia: Muhr Arab Awards, 66 mins/40 mins, 16.30, MoE 6

Heat Harara: Arabian Nights, 97 mins, 20.00, DMC Amphitheatre

Kabuli Kid: The Cinema of AsiaAfrica, 94 mins, 19.30, MoE 9

Melodrama Habibi: Arabian Nights, 94 mins, 18.30, MoE 5

Marrakech Inshallah: Arabian Nights, 90 mins, 22.15, MoE 9

Mascarades: Muhr Arab Awards, 92 mins, 12.30, MoE 4

Muhr Africa Asia Awards: Short Films 2 Four short movies: Expectations, The Birthday,
Khamsa Arabian Nights, 95 mins, 22.15, MoE 7

My Marlon And Brando: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 92 mins, 18.45, MoE 4

Niloofar: Arabian Nights, 82 mins, 16.15, Festival City 9

Peace Mission: The Cinema of AsiaAfrica, 80 mins, 19.00, Festival City 8

Ramchand Pakistani: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 105 mins, 21.45, MoE 4

Salt Of This Sea: Muhr Arab Awards, 13.00, MoE 8

Sidewalk Sisters: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 16.00, MoE 7

The Song Of Sparrows: The Cinema of AsiaAfrica, 96 mins, 20.00, Madinat Arena

The Aquarium: Muhr Arab Awards, 91 mins, 21.30, Souk Theatre

The Heart Of Jenin: Cultural Bridge, 89 mins, 21.45, Festival City 3

The Class: Cinema of the World, 128 mins, 21.30, Festival City 9

The Chaser: The Cinema of AsiaAfrica, 123 mins, 21.45, MoE 12

The One Man Village: Muhr Arab Awards, 86 mins, noon, MoE 9

The Sea Within: A Celebration of Indian Cinema, 120 mins, 12.30, MoE 7

Under The Tree: The Cinema of AsiaAfrica, 104 mins, 12.15, MoE 5

Valentino: The Last Emperor Cinema of the World, 96 mins, 18.30, Festival City 3

Valu, The Bull: A Celebration of Indian Cinema, 120 mins, 18.00, MoE 2

Yes Madam, Sir: Cinema of the World, 95 mins, 12.15, MoE 12

Zimbabwe: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 82 mins, 19.30, MoE 6

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