DIFF schedule: Wed. 17

Make the most of Dubai International Film Festival and head to a movie screening.

Critics’ choice

Shakespeare And Victor Hugo’s Intimacies: Weird tale about a Mexican boarding house, and the dark, sinister secrets of one of its former tenants, filmed by the granddaughter of the fascinating, regal landlady. Cinema of the World, 80 mins, 18.30, MoE 8

U2 3D: Four young unknowns from Ireland – who call themselves U2 play their ‘pop’ tunes on stage – all reproduced by pioneering, dazzling 3D technology. Rhythm and Reels, 85 mins, 19.00, IMAX Ibn Battuta

Che: Four hours of Steven Soderbergh’s intricate and moving biopic of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara. It’s superbly done and we are loving Benicio del Toro’s awesome performance as the beret-bothering icon. Cinema of the World, 262 mins, 19.00, MoE 12

Slumdog: Millionaire Lovely prize-winning tale of a young Indian boy from a Mumbai call centre who seems poised on the verge of winning a million in the Indian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Directed by Danny Boyle. Cinema of the World, 120 mins, 20.00, Madinat Arena

Blindness: Mark Ruffalo and Laura Linney star in this chilling tale of a world gripped by a blindness pandemic in a dazzlingly-filmed cerebral thriller. Cinema of the World, 121 mins, 21.00, Souk Theatre

Arabian Nights: Short Films A selection of short films, including Fried Dreams, in which an Egyptian girl enters a strange dreamscape; It’s Sunday, which sees a young boy’s lie coming back to bite him; and The Door Of Forgiveness, in which a Tunisian man faces up to his humiliating past. Arabian Nights, 74 mins, 12.45, MoE 6

Also showing

A Climate For Crime: A Celebration of Indian Cinema, 115 mins, 15.30, Festival City 3

A Road To Mecca: Arabian Nights, 92 mins, 22.15, MoE 4

Apaloosa: Cinema of the World, 114 mins, 21.00, Festival City 3

Apron Strings: Cultural Bridge, 89 mins, 18.30, MoE 5

Ballast: Cinema of the World, 96 mins, 13.00, Festival City 9

Black: Business Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 90 mins, 15.30, MoE 6

Casanegra: Muhr Arab Awards, 124 mins, 21.00, MoE 8

Dada’s Dance: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 92 mins, noon, MoE 7

Do You Remember Adil?: Muhr Arab Awards, 85 mins, 21.30, MoE 6

Firaaq: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 101 mins, 18.30, MoE 9

Hunger: Cinema of the World, 96 mins, 12.45, Festival City 3

I Loved So Much.../To My Father: Muhr Arab Awards, 50 mins/52 mins, noon, MoE 8

Inkheart: Cinema for Children, 106 mins, 18.00, Festival City 8

King Of Ping Pong: Cinema of the World, 107 mins, 21.15, MoE 5

Kabuli Kid: The Cinema of AsiaAfrica, 94 mins, 15.30, Festival City 9

Khamsa: Arabian Nights, 95 mins, 15.15, Festival City 8

Love And Other Crimes: Cinema of the World, 105 mins, 18.30, Festival City 9

Mariam and Choosing Love: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 99 mins 12.15, MoE 4

Marrakech Inshallah: Arabian Nights, 90 mins, noon, Festival City 8

Mental Muhr Africa: Asia Awards, 135 mins, 15.30, MoE 4

Mostefa Ben Boulaid: Muhr Arab Awards, 163 mins, 14.00, MoE 2

Muhr Arab Awards: Short Films 2 Four short movies: Space Exodus, At Day’s End, Bint

My Marlon And Brando: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 92 mins, 15.15, MoE 5

Pesantren: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 100 mins, 16.30, MoE 7

Private File: Muhr Arab Awards, 61 mins, 14.30, MoE 7

Ride The Wave, Johnny...!:
A Celebration of Indian Cinema, 120 mins, 18.30, MoE 2

Sita Sings The Blues: Animation, 82 mins, 18.30, MoE 6

Skin: Cultural Bridge, 107 mins, 20.45, Festival City 9

Summer: Cinema of the World, 79 mins, 22.00, MoE 7

Tale Of A River: A Celebration of Indian Cinema, 120 mins, noon, MoE 12

Teza: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 140 mins, noon, MoE 9

The Aquarium: Muhr Arab Awards, 91 mins, 15.30, MoE 9

The Class: Cinema of the World, 128 mins, 21.45, MoE 2

The Forgotten Woman: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 90 mins, 12.30, MoE 5

The Heart Of Jenin: Cultural Bridge, 89 mins, 18.00, Souk Theatre

The Last Thakur: The Cinema of AsiaAfrica, 80 mins, 18.45, Festival City 3

The Rest Of The Night: In Focus, 101 mins, 21.15, MoE 9

The Sky Crawlers: Animation, 122 mins, 20.00, DMC Amphitheatre

The Song Of Sparrows: The Cinema of AsiaAfrica, 96 mins, 20.30, Festival City 8

The Truth Be Told…: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 105 mins, 15.15, MoE 8

Treeless Mountain: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 89 mins, 19.15, MoE 7

Two Cities And A Prison/Memory Of The Cactus: Muhr Arab Awards, 19.15, MoE 4

U2 3D:
Rhythm and Reels, 85 mins, 21.00, IMAX Ibn Battuta

Valu, The Bull: A Celebration of Indian Cinema, 120 mins, 15.30, MoE 12

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