DIFF schedule: Thu. 18

Make the most of Dubai International Film Festival and head to a movie screening.

Critics’ choice

A Road To Mecca: The fascinating story of a Jewish-born Austrian who became one of the most important Muslim figures of the 20th century, Muhammad Asad (aka Leopold Weiss). Arabian Nights, 92 mins, 12.30, Festival City 3

King Of Ping Pong: A fat Swedish teenager is in a complete mess of identity issues, hormonal crises and familial strife. However, he plays a mean game of ping pong. Lovely comedy from the desolate wastes of North Sweden. Cinema of the World, 107 mins, noon, Festival City 8

Summer: Robert Carlyle stars in this low-key, bittersweet story of a pair of friends in their mid-30s, facing their own mortality and wasted lives. A quiet, moving masterpiece of regret and heartbreak. Cinema of the World, 79 mins, 15.30, MoE 4

Also showing

A Fiance For Yasmina: - A gorgeously sunny and heartwarming account of a bunch of friends in a Spanish immigration facility and the tangled web of liaisons, misunderstandings and passions between them. Arabian Nights, 93 mins, 18.45, MoE 7

Apron Strings: Cultural Bridge, 89 mins, 15.30, Festival City 9

Black Nation: Cinema of the World, 90 mins, noon, MoE 9

Blindness: Cinema of the World, 121 mins, 15.45, Festival City 3

El Sistema: Cultural Bridge, 120 mins, 15.15, MoE 6

Genova: Cinema of the World, 108 mins, 12.30, Festival City 9

Gnomes And Trolls: The Secret Chamber Cinema for Children, 75 mins, 18.30, MoE 5

Gomorra: In Focus, 135 mins, 18.30, Festival City 8

I Want To See: Muhr Arab Awards, 12.30, MoE 4

Il Divo:
In Focus, 118 mins, 12.45, MoE 12

Kabuli Kid: The Cinema of AsiaAfrica, 94 mins, 19.00, MoE 8

Life After The Fall: Muhr Arab Awards, noon, MoE 7

Love And Other Crimes: Cinema of the World, 105 mins, 19.00, MoE 4

Memory Of The Cactus/Two Cities And A Prison: Muhr Arab Awards, 15.00, MoE 9

Muhr AsiaAfrica: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 12.30, MoE 8

My Secret Sky: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 12.15, MoE 5

Ramchand Pakistani: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 15.00, MoE 5

Ride The Wave, Johnny...!: A Celebration of Indian Cinema, 120 mins, 15.30, MoE 12

Shakespeare And Victor Hugo’s Intimacies: Cinema of the World, 80 mins, 16.00, MoE 8

Slumdog Millionaire: Cinema of the World, 120 mins, 19.00, Festival City 3

Tale Of A River: A Celebration of Indian Cinema, 120 mins, 19.00, MoE 12

The Chaser: Korean cop thriller about a crooken ex-policeman who gets up in a dark, grisly murder mystery. The Cinema of AsiaAfrica, 123 mins, 19.00, Festival City 9

The Rest Of The Night In Focus, 101 mins, 18.15, MoE 9

These Hands: Muhr Arab Awards, 120 mins, 18.15, MoE 6

Treeless Mountain: Muhr Africa Asia Awards, 89 mins, 15.45, MoE 7

Tokyo Sonata: The Cinema of AsiaAfrica, 119 mins, 15.15, Festival City 8

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