We Are Blood film part-set in Dubai gets released

Watch the We Are Blood trailer, a new skateboarding movie with a focus on Dubai. It features pictures of Dubai's famous Burj Al Arab being taken over.


A new movie with Dubai at its very heart is being hailed as 'an absolute epic'.

'We Are Blood', a part-backed X Dubai project (alongside BrainFram and Mountain Dew), tracks the skateboard movement through cities like Los Angeles, Barcelona, New York and parts of China, as well as Dubai, painting a complete picture of the subculture and the skillset.

As well as shining a light on a familiar if misunderstood movement, it also serves to show off the stunning urban sprawl right here in the Emirates. Iconic landmarks like the Burj Al Arab, Sports City and The Creek all feature in the film, while other more mundane areas are bought to life by the men on four little wheels.

With Ty Evans at the helm, the movie was always going to appeal to both board enthusiasts and film lovers alike. The American cinematographer is considered the best in his business, and shot his latest project in 4X resolution with the help of some state-of-the-art equipment.

Filmed in the region back in February, some popular figures from the local scene joined their international trendsetters like Paul Rodriguez (P-Rod), Sean Malto and Theotis Beastly on the streets - and the helipads - of Dubai.

Early reviews have called it "more of a visual experience than just a bunch of tricks. In this world of YouTube and quick hits, We Are Blood is an absolute epic… you'll do yourself a disservice if you don't watch it."

In a recent interview with RIDE Channel, one of the stars, Chris Colbourn, explained: "Dubai was the most out there trip; I won't ever have another experience like the one we had there. We did skydiving, rode camels, everything."

Lifelong friend, and fellow star, Jordan Maxham added: "At one point, we are chilling at this dude's mansion, castle or palace, or whatever it was; he had a bunch of those little heli-pods [small helicopters], so while we were waiting for them to get those started, he brings out this this dune buggy, we get in, buckle up and all of a sudden he flips it on its side and starts driving sideways. At first it was sketchy, but then we started standing on the side and taking photos."

One of the most breathtaking moments in the movie sees the cast follow in the footsteps of Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Red Bull Racing, by taking to the Burj Al Arab's iconic helipad for a 'session'.

"We basically had VIP access to Dubai," Maxham has said. "It was pretty rad. Everywhere we went they made the conditions right, but then the next day it would be pristine again. At one of the first places, there was a bunch of dudes in robes all making a ledge perfect for us.

"[The helipad stunt] had been planned for years, and that was a real once in a lifetime opportunity."

A special screening will take place in Dubai in October.

We Are Blood is available now on the US iTunes Store, Amazon and on DVD. For more information, visit: www.weareblood.com.

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