Everything to know about Dubai’s Dome Box

As new cinema experience, The Dome Box prepares to open on Friday at Box Park, Time Out Dubai got a sneak preview of what’s to come


It’s not your average cinema
Aside from specializing in educational entertainment for the family, The Dome Box, also differs from your Vox or Reel movie theatres as buyers must purchase films in packages. Either choose two for Dhs45 or four for Dhs75, but don’t worry, customers have up to six months to watch the movies from the purchase date. Additionally, the films are only 10 to 30 minutes long, so there’s no need to worry about little ones getting bored.


It’s an educational experience
The movies shown aim to keep kids fascinated as well as ensure they learn something, so whether you choose to see the Ewan McGregor-narrated ‘Astronaut’ flick – a motion picture about ‘the grueling impact of space exploration and micro-gravity on the human body’, or want to get up-close with wildlife in ‘Africa’, youngsters will be filled with useful knowledge. General Manager Jean Marc Bled told us that they’ll be teaming up with schools for ideas on what clips to add to their portfolio next plus hosting field trips 9am to 12pm Sundays to Thursdays and post-film Q&As to test pupils’ knowledge.

It’s inspired by the world of theme parks

Think Disneyland and Universal Studios when you walk into the Al Wasl Road venue. Those who brought The Dome Box to life come from theme park backgrounds so it’s no wonder you feel like you’re in a fantasy world from before you even step through the door. The Steam Punk theme begins with the sign above the entrance blasting out fog along with the sound of clunking machinery. Inside colourful projections grace the ceiling and light up the exterior of the white dome where the main action takes place.

The food is awesome

Waffles, pancakes, fudge puppies and ice creams are all on the menu to enjoy while you wait for your screening. Soda pop flavours come in Amaretto, kiwi and blue raspberry among many others, plus tons of candy can be purchased to take away too.

You saw it here first
As the first cinema in the UAE to show ‘The Life of Trees’ (33 minutes; Arabic and English), ‘Africa’ (8 minutes; music and sound effects), ‘Astronaut’ (23 minutes; Arabic and English) and ‘Adventures into the Deep’ (8 minutes; music and sound effects), they’ll be going even more original with the addition of their own films next year.

You’ll travel through time
Well not really but before viewers are invited into the main room, watch an introductory video where an animated crazy professor explains how the ‘time travelling device’ works. ‘We travel through space, we travel back in time… essentially it’s a travelling device,’ the GM told us.

There are no chairs

Don’t expect the seats that are so comfortable you could fall asleep. Here, the cinema which accommodates for up to 80 people at one time, asks viewers to lean up against cushioned railings or take to the floor on beanie bags to watch the 15-metre-diameter screen on a 2.59metre wall lined up with LED ambient light. Steady now, you might find you get a bit dizzy at points.

There’s top notch technology
The cinema offers a lifelike 4K resolution image (4096 x 4096 pixels) generated by six projectors controlled by specialized media servers. A total of eight speakers and two subwoofers complement the visual experience by powerful sound. Haze, wind, and scent effects create a sensory 4D experience.

Opening hours: 12 noon until 10pm from Sunday to Thursday, and from 12 noon until midnight on Friday and Saturday as well as on public holidays.

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