5 questions for Matt Damon

American actor Matt Damon talks about his new movie Martian plus the Bourne films

5 questions for Matt Damon

1 Did you visit NASA to prepare for new movie The Martian?
No, I didn’t do any of that. All the actors got really physically fit, because astronauts are very fit, so that was a big part of pre-production.

2 Did it make you think about whether you could have been an astronaut?
Sure, yeah, it’s tough to do a movie like that without thinking about some of that stuff and, no, I don’t think I’m built for it.

3 Your character Watney has to survive on potatoes. How do you feel about spuds these days?
I haven’t had one in months!

4 What was it like being in a space suit all day?
I got a little hot in Jordan but we had cooling suits underneath that could mitigate some of that. This movie would have been unbearable with a different director, but with Ridley [Scott], he’s got four cameras going at once and he is charging forwards with an absolute definitive vision of what he wants.

5 Is it true you’re going to do another Bourne?
Yeah, I’m leaving next week to start another Bourne and I’m looking forward to it.

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