5 questions for Simon Pegg

Star Trek Beyond's Simon Pegg talks to Time Out Dubai about directing films, the 50th anniversary and being a geek

5 questions for Simon Pegg

1 Having starred as Scotty and co-written the script for Star Trek Beyond, is directing next?
Having watched Justin Lin direct this movie, it makes me realise how much I never want to direct a Star Trek film. He does an amazing job, but I don’t envy it.

2 Is there added pressure that this is Star Trek’s 50th anniversary?
Yes. We had to marry the traditional and the new. Which is why we chose Dubai.

3 Can films help us bridge cultures?
Absolutely. Star Trek is the ultimate expression of that. It gives us this utopian ideal that we can live together without judgement or prejudice, which is a wonderful thing.

4 How did it feel to co-write this film?
It was a very exciting thing to be a part of. I’ve worked with great friends and it was great having a collaborator [Doug Jung].

5 Are you a geek?
I have a reputation for being a bit of a geek, but only in the sense that I love my stuff. I am also a professional and I don’t cry or wet myself every time a get job – although I did this time.

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