Star Trek 'to shoot at Meydan'

Star Trek Beyond meets “future land” Dubai as they film in the city for two weeks

It’s official – the Trekkies have landed. The cast and crew of Star Trek Beyond are in the city filming for the next two weeks at Dubai Studio City and various locations around town (our sources suspect Meydan Racecourse might be among them).

Speaking at a press conference at the Burj Al Arab, producer Jeffrey Chernov said, “We came searching for the future and we found it in Dubai.” It’s hardly surprising that the sequel is shooting in the city (principal filming took place in Vancouver over the past three months). After all, Chernov produced Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol here in 2010. “Dubai represents the future of what the next frontier would be like in our film,” Chernov continued, explaining that several locations were chosen after drives around the emirate.

And it seems it’s not just Chernov who is a fan of the city. Cast member Zachary Quinto recently used his downtime to venture up the Burj Khalifa, while Chris Pine revealed, “This is such a stunning city. I woke up this morning, opened up the blinds and looked out. It looks like whatever tomorrow will be. It’s future land.”

Thirty-eight-year-old Quinto, who plays Mr. Spock, also opened up about the recent passing of Leonard Nimoy, who famously originally portrayed the character. “We were incredibly close – in many ways he was like a father to me as our relationship evolved over the past eight years. I feel the significance of the responsibility in a way, Leonard had such a profound and positive impact on millions of people around the world, because of his role. What he and Gene Roddenberry created was so unique. For me, there is another level to this film, which is to truly honour my dear friend and carry on the legacy that he worked so hard to create.” Can the new cast continue the great Trekkie legacy? Fans will have to wait until July 2016 to find out.

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