5 questions for Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain speaks about new film The Martian, working with Ridley Scott and exploring the world


1Your new movie The Martian is out now. What do you think of the finished version?
It’s such a ride. Ridley [Scott] did a fantastic job, as always.

2 Did you visit NASA before filming?
Yes. I told Ridley, “If I do the movie, can I go to space camp?” I’m really interested in space exploration after working on Interstellar and being around Christopher Nolan.

3 What was Ridley like to work with?
If you’re a shy actor you probably wouldn’t see him. But I’m not shy, so I would go to the tent and hang out with Rid constantly.

4 What was the on-set camaraderie like?
We were just hanging as a crew, we became like a big family.

5 Is exploring different worlds part of the appeal of acting?
Yes. That is a big part of how I make decisions on which films I’m a part of. I have no control over the finished product, but I can control what situation I’m putting myself in. When I leave the making of a film, am I leaving that film having gained something?

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