5 questions for Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain speaks about new film The Martian, working with Ridley Scott and exploring the world

5 questions for Jessica Chastain

1Your new movie The Martian is out now. What do you think of the finished version?
It’s such a ride. Ridley [Scott] did a fantastic job, as always.

2 Did you visit NASA before filming?
Yes. I told Ridley, “If I do the movie, can I go to space camp?” I’m really interested in space exploration after working on Interstellar and being around Christopher Nolan.

3 What was Ridley like to work with?
If you’re a shy actor you probably wouldn’t see him. But I’m not shy, so I would go to the tent and hang out with Rid constantly.

4 What was the on-set camaraderie like?
We were just hanging as a crew, we became like a big family.

5 Is exploring different worlds part of the appeal of acting?
Yes. That is a big part of how I make decisions on which films I’m a part of. I have no control over the finished product, but I can control what situation I’m putting myself in. When I leave the making of a film, am I leaving that film having gained something?

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