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We know we can’t be the only ones who get excited when we hear about new movies being released in the UAE. That’s exactly why Time Out Dubai has an entire film section dedicated to bringing you news, features and interviews each week.

What gets us even more enthusiastic about seeing upcoming flicks in cinemas though are some of the cool trailers released to tease the action.

It could be catching a glimpse of our favourite famous faces to quite possibly witnessing the big screen debut of a star-in-the-making - there’s always a few films we’re keeping our eye on here.

After the playful, urban and contemporary humour of the Oscar-winning Birdman, this bleak-faced 1820s-set frontier Western sees Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu return to the darker world view of his earlier films like Babel and 21 Grams.

Based on a 2002 Michael Punke novel about real-life folk hero Hugh Glass, The Revenant stars Leonardo DiCaprio (gruff, committed, unreadable, brilliant) as a fur trapper and frontiersman left for dead by his colleagues in a wintry American landscape after he is viciously shredded by a grizzly bear. Glass survives, and he hauls his damaged body through snow, across rivers, up rocks and over plains, driven by revenge. In his sights is John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy, savage with a dash of black humour), the man responsible for abandoning him to die and for forcing him to watch as his young son (of mixed-race parentage) is murdered in front of his eyes.
So, no, it’s not a happy tale. But what survives from Birdman is a compelling, forward-moving, simple approach to storytelling that grips us through stretches of silence and misery. The film’s relentlessness itself becomes magnetic. There are times when The Revenant feels like one long and unforgiving act of sadism, mostly directed at its equally magnetic lead character, but occasionally at us (a warning: the film is long, the dialogue is minimal and the violence is sharp).

But what makes this more than just a punishing, fearful, expertly crafted thriller focused on one man’s endurance, is heavily down to Emmanuel Lubezki’s attractive, thoughtful photography. Lubezki’s work will be familiar to viewers of Terrence Malick’s recent films (including The Tree of Life) for the timeless sense of soulfulness that he can lend to a landscape. Here, that same visual style, coupled with the film’s concern for the Native American experience and its compassion for the father-child bond, makes The Revenant not just gruelling, but often gorgeous and quietly spiritual. Dave Calhoun

The bottom line
Compelling and gripping drama crafted expertly by Iñárritu.


A comedy from director Louis Leterrier (The Incredible Hulk), starring Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong as brothers who grew up in a Grimsby care home who are adopted separately. One becomes an MI6 assassin, the other, a family man with no education.


Adding a big dose of attitude, dark humour and some graphic violence to the superhero genre, Ryan Reynolds plays the unconventional Deadpool, a special forces operative who undergoes an experiment to acquire superpowers. Directed by Tim Miller.


A horror film starring Sarah Wayne Callies, Jeremy Sisto, Javier Botet. A family move to India, but when a tragic accident kills their son, the mother seeks supernatural help.

Will Smith is back in 'serious' mode here as he plays Dr Bennet Omalu, the forensic neuropathologist who first confronted the NFL about the brain trauma being experienced by American Football players. The film has provoked extensive debate in the USA - where it is released on Christmas Day - and is being tipped as a defining moment for the sport. Smith stars alongside Alec Baldwin and Luke Wilson. The movie is released in the UAE on January 28.

It's been more than 12 years since Nemo swam his way into our hearts - and across the ocean on his own - but the wait has been worth it, if the first official trailer for 2016's Finding Dory is anything to go by. Dory was the star of the first movie, the forgettable and utterly adorable companion to Marlin, Nemo's Dad.

The Hunger Games may been winding up this month, but fans can turn their attention to Divergent which returns in Spring 2016. Based on the novel by Veronica Roth, the first of the franchise was a smash in 2014, and the latest installment sees Shailene Woodley return alongside Theo James and Ansel Elgort.


Sandra Bullock stars as Jane, a tough and clever American political consultant who gets assigned to help re-elect a controversial president in Bolivia, where she must compete with her long-term rival. Directed by David Gordon Green.

A home-grown animated production, Bilal is inspired by the true story of an African hero and his journey, from facing dire oppression to becoming a noble leader with a powerful voice. Voices by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Ian McShane.

This adventure film is based on the Egyptian mythology of Horus and Set. Gerard Butler plays Set, a merciless King who brings Egypt into war, but a young thief dares to dethrone him.

X-MEN: Apocalypse Trailer
Until the film is released in May 2016, we're watching this trailer in which the X-Men face the ultimate mutant.

Independence Day: Resurgence trailer

Check it out now. Starring Jeff Goldblum and Liam Hemsworth.

Eddie the eagle trailer

Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton star in this feel-good film about British ski-jumper Eddie Edwards.

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