Dubai features in first Star Trek Beyond trailer

Time Out Dubai has the new Star Trek Beyond trailer. Star Trek filmed in Dubai earlier this year, at JLT, DIFC, Meydan and Studio City. Watch the trailer

Dubai features in first Star Trek Beyond trailer

The first trailer for Star Trek Beyond, a film which was filmed in Dubai earlier this year, has been released. 

The movie, which won't be released for another eight months, is the third in the most recent reboot of the franchise, and stars Chris Pine, Zach Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, Idris Elba and Karl Urban.
Played out to the soundtrack of Sabotage by Beastie Boys, it shows a number of landscapes, including Dubai. 
In truth, the UAE features barely at all, but its brief appearance does give an idea of the role it will play throughout.First seen a minute in, a large panning shot of the city shows something of a wasteland, shrouded in a mist. As it appears, a distorted voice speculated to be Elba in his villainous role, says, 'This is where it begins, Captain'. That has led people to believe Dubai will be nothing more exciting than Planet Earth from the future. 
Although the footage is clearly doctored, some of the buildings are recognisable, as is the general set-up of the city. There's also a brief ground-level shot of a modern metropolis, although it is not clear where in Dubai that is. 
Earlier this week, Time Out Dubai spoke with executive producer Jeffrey Chernov who revealed, among other things, that JLT, DIFC's Burj Daman, Meydan and Studio City had all featured prominently in the filming of Star Trek. 
The shoot lasted 20 days. Elsewhere in the trailer, the cast are shown in forests, crash landed in a rocky terrain and, of course, of their iconic Enterprise.
Check it out for yourself

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