Six female candidates to be the next Bond

Time Out casts an eye over six female candidates to be the next Bond, with it widely expected that Daniel Craig will step down after four films

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Earlier this year we told you why Taron Egerton could be the next, next James Bond. It was a hard sell considering the young British actor was then earning rave reviews for his portrayal of Eddie The Eagle, the Olympic ski jumper, more double trouble than double agent.

But straight out of leftfield, discussion is raging in Hollywood following a mischievous retweet by X-Files actress Gillian Anderson. In the post, the star shared a poster of herself as Jane Bond.

So while poor old Daniel Craig still seems to be torturing himself about whether or not to sign up for another movie as 007, we thought we’d pick up the baton and speculate wildly about six female actors we’d like to see in the running to replace him.

Emilia Clarke
The pros: After wrangling dragons, acquiring armies and conquering cities, eliminating a bunch of snivelling baddies should be a doddle for Emilia Clarke (aka the Mother of Dragons). She also played hard-as-nails Sarah Connor in Terminator Genisys, so she knows her way around a pistol.
The cons: Game of Thrones has got enough problems with the books’ author George R.R. Martin going awol on writing duties without losing one of its major stars.

Naomie Harris
The pros: She defeated zombies in 28 Days Later. And as Bond’s right-hand-woman, Moneypenny, in Spectre, she’s been all loyalty and discretion (ignoring that little oops at the start of Skyfall where she shot 007 off a bridge). Is it time for a promotion?
The cons: It would take some seriously clever plotting to make it work. Plus a bit of a character reversal – Harris’ Moneypenny doesn’t have the stomach for killing, hence the desk job in Spectre.

Helen McCrory
The pros: Last year, Helen McCrory’s husband Damian Lewis was the 007 frontrunner. He’s been sidelined by Tom Hiddleston, but what about McCrory herself? She’s got international tough girl written all over her. Not only does she have charisma by the lorry-load, she’s got a track record of playing strong women (Cherie Blair in The Queen, Medea on stage), and has a winning way with a deadpan stare.
The cons: Everyone would have to forget about that time she played an MP in Skyfall. She’d also be in competition with her other half. Maybe they could cast Lewis as the Bond boy? Though, in keeping with Bond tradition, he’d probably be a bit old to qualify on that front.

Rosamund Pike
The pros: Rosamund Pike is an ex-Bond girl (opposite Pierce Brosnan in Die Another Day) so she knows the score when it comes to the world of 007. And her cool-as-a-cucumber performance in Gone Girl showed she can do ice-blooded killer. With her brains and aloofness, she’d be a classy, mysterious Bond.
The cons: Pike has confessed that she’s not a big 007 fan – she’d never seen a Bond film before appearing in Die Another Day.

Rachel Weisz

The pros: According to reports, Mr Rachel Weisz is “done” with playing Bond – Daniel Craig is said to have turned down £68 million (Dhs362 million) to return in two more films. If he does decide to throw in the towel, why not keep it in the family? Oscar-winning Weisz has the acting skills.
The cons: For Weisz, it would probably be a bit like taking a job in a company your mate has worked at before (“It’s alright but the air-conditioning is freezing and no-one ever makes tea”). The shine’s already worn off.

Tilda Swinton

The pros: As the daughter of a Major General and former Lord Lieutenant of Berwickshire, Tilda Swinton has the right establishment background to play the public school-educated 007.
The cons: Wouldn’t Tilda make a better Euro-villain?

The 003 top Bonds

Sean Connery

The Original
Responsible for four of the top six Bond movies ever made, the brooding Scot is synonymous with the character he first played in 1962. He was originally reluctant to take on the part, but saw his career enhanced considerably. The last of his seven appearances was in 1983.

Timothy Dalton

The Classy Choice

He came into his own with his second and final take on Bond, Licence to Kill. It follows our determined operative as he goes rogue, hunting down Latin American villain Franz Sanchez (Robert Davi) who literally fed Bond’s FBI confidant to the sharks.

Daniel Craig

The Incumbent

Underappreciated and currently umming and ahhing over whether or not to go for a fifth film, the 48-year-old is hamstrung by two of his four appearances coming in substandard movies (not his fault Quantum of Solace was so weak). But he should always be admired for Casino Royale.

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