Black Mirror on Netflix UAE

Time Out previews the new season of Black Mirror on Netflix UAE. Discover more about the six new episodes that make up season three

Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror is back with six new episodes poised to drop on Netflix (and turn us into quivering paranoid technophobes). Set in the incredibly near future, the likes of social media, apps, webcams and gaming come under the spotlight this time around.

Season three is all about the items we place on desks and carry around in our pockets. Technology has infiltrated our world, making our day-to-day lives easier. But, as the trailer proves, it has dark and disturbing potential; a woman battles to increase her popularity score on an app. Computers outsmart man, and we all lose sight of what’s real. Are we talking about Black Mirror, or Dubai in 2016?

Brooker is already thinking about what he can give the ‘Black Mirror’ treatment next. The rise of racism is the current frontrunner.

“I was trying to think about a Black Mirror for this the other day, actually,” he tells Time Out. “If you could get everyone to pop on a helmet that makes us all the same colour and makes us speak the same language… is that what it would take? Would that solve petty racism? Or would people just start going, ‘I don’t like the way you’re walking! Boo!’ I don’t know, but I’m trying to be optimistic.”

Brooker also has ideas about using the show’s new on-demand platform to his advantage.

“I want to do something the equivalent of those old vinyl records,” he added at a special screening last week.
“There was a commentator describing a horse race but there were different grooves so sometimes a different horse would win. I realised that you could, with Netflix, break the fourth wall or randomise scenes.

“We thought about it for one of the stories, then collectively thought that’s too much work. We have a gaming-themed episode and I wanted so once you’ve watched, it unlocks a nightmare mode of the same episode.

“I asked Netflix at one point if we could localise the audio and have somebody in the episode refer to where you are; I thought that would freak people out!”

The future of TV? Watch this space.

The Bottom Line
Log out of Facebook, put down your smart phone and tune in.

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