April’s Must-watch shows

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With the temperature rising fast, we all become a little bit more inclined to stay indoors slightly more often. Here is some of the must-see TV for you this April if it is starting to get a little bit too hot for you!

Arrow – Season 5
It’s plot may feel familiar – a billionaire playboy puts on a costume and sets out to clean up the corrupt city he calls home – but Arrow, now on Season 5, has a personality and wit all of its own. It’s also lush and detailed, and shot with genuine verve. As the titular hero (real name, Oliver Queen), Stephen Amell is also excellent, as the man presumed dead in a yachting accident but who returns a changed man, with punishment on his mind, and a bow and arrow in his hand.

X Company – Season 2
This period, action-packed drama follows the training of five new, dangerously talented recruits in the world of World War II espionage and covert operations. Plucked from their ordinary lives, this quintet of wannabe Bonds – from Canada, America and the UK – find themselves dropped into the mysterious Camp X on the shores of Lake Ontario, to prepare for a series of thrilling, deadly missions. Gripping stuff.

Underground – Season 2
A terrific, harsh and intelligent action-adventure, Underground follows the daring escape of a group of slaves who have to make a 600-mile escape from a Georgia plantation to win their freedom. The title comes from the fact that along the way they are helped by a secret abolitionist couple who run a station on the Underground Railroad – the perfect route for them to evade the chasing pack of people tasked with bringing them back, dead or alive.

The Halcyon
Downton Abbey but with added glitz and glamour, the Halcyon of the title is the name of the five-star hotel run by the ever-brilliant Steven Mackintosh in WWII-torn London. Like Downton, it is packed to its gilded rafters by a whole host of layered, fascinating characters – guests and staff alike – whose lives intertwine as the bombs come raining down.

The 100 – Season 2
Essentially the new Lost, this dystopian sci-fi follows the return of 100 ex-convicts to a post-apocalyptic Earth that mankind has abandoned after nuclear war. Sent down from mankind’s space station refuge, The Ark, these random young guys and girls are thrown into a mysterious, morally-complex scenario they must figure out if they are to survive.

The Walking Dead
Now on Season 7, the Andrew Lincoln-fronted mega-show continues to delight and revolt in equal measure. Stunning special effects and great performances pepper the sudden bursts of hyper-violent action, but what makes The Walking Dead keep delivering is the beating heart pumping beneath its exposed ribcage. Here is a show where the writing so deftly sketches the characters that the audience finds itself inextricably sucked in to their lives, and shattered when they end. Which they tent to do, with alarming regularity.

Gotham – Season 2
This origin story is a stunning account of not just the birth of Batman but all of the other characters – The Riddler, The Penguin et al – who will go on to become his deadliest adversaries. And, while there’s plenty in the show for the diehard comic-book nerd, it also plays far broader than that, essentially a modern crime noir where both the good and the bad guys have masks both physical and metaphorical. It’s classic superheroes but set in a grown-up, harsh new world.

A neat high-concept cop show, Unforgettable stars Poppy Montgomery as former detective Carrie Wells, who has a rare condition that means she’s unable to forget anything. And, while that may have come in massively handy when she was doing her A-levels, when she’s brought in to consult on a homicide case it results in some memories she could really do without, but that might just mean she’s able to solve her sister’s still-unsolved murder…

Noah Hawley’s incredible inversion of the superhero trope has been called many things by many people, but the thing that binds all of them together is a general feeling that Legion is one of the greatest TV shows ever made. It stars Dan Stevens (currently on screens as Beast in Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast remake) as David Haller, a troubled young man diagnosed as a schizophrenic who discovers he has sinister, special powers. Basically, think Twin Peaks meets Superman. That’s how good it is.

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