Time Out meets: Anne Hathaway

Women in Hollywood, giant lizards in Korea and having fun at work

What drew you to Colossal?
I liked the alchemy of dark and silly. It reminded me of some of my favourite aspects of life!

Did anyone advise you to not make such an “out-there” film?
No-one looked at this and said, “Oh, what a brilliant career move!” But everyone understood I was doing it for me.

Your character is connected with this giant lizard in Korea. You’ve been the victim of online abuse. Did you respond to the idea of being able to injure people thousands of miles away?
It made the movie timely, this idea of facelessness, of a lack of consequence. We’re all dislocating right now. The internet is a reflection of us, we’re creating it. We’re just creating a really creepy basement right now.

Your character is more complex than your average heroine.
Yes. I liked that her self-absorption didn’t necessarily make her a bad person. Lately I’ve been interested in getting out of the binary of good and bad, letting things be harder to pin down.

Are things changing for women now in Hollywood?
That question depends a lot on age and race, so it’s hard to give a blanket answer. But for me personally? Yes. I couldn’t be happier.

Was Colossal as much fun to make as it is to watch?
Oh, yeah! It was the best time in my life.

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