Will Smith's son to film in Dubai

Will Smith's son Trey - aka DJ AcE - will be in Dubai this month recording The World Keeps Spinning

His father is undoubtedly a fan of the emirate, showing up just last month for a quick holiday.

And now Trey Smith – the DJ son of actor and musician Will Smith - is coming to Dubai.

The 23-year-old, who also goes by the name of AcE, will be filming his experiences in the city, as part of a production aptly titles The World Keeps Spinning.

While all eyes are on Abu Dhabi for the F1 Grand Prix weekend, Trey will be gallivanting around from November 28 until December 4.

What the end product will be is described as a “30-minute travelogue following AcE on a global journey, as he immerses himself in a new region, in search of inspiration, growth, and cultural exchange”.

His younger siblings Jaden and Willow Smith could probably tell him a thing or two about the place, they were also here this year as part of Dubai Summer Surprises.

Apparently he won’t just be visiting the standard tourist traps, instead we’ll see him in places regarded as “off-the-beaten track” when he explores with his mentor, assistant, and a cultural attaché. More details will be revealed in a press conference on November 30.

“AcE, above all, understands the importance of representing and spotlighting the artistic and cultural specificity of a region, and he’s excited to do just that in Dubai,” Clarence Hammond from Overbrook Entertainment said. “This travelogue will reflect the life lessons he learns, the people he meets, and the memories he makes during his time in Dubai. AcE sees Dubai as a place where people can come together over a shared love of bringing something beautiful into the world: architecture, culture, fashion, music, and so much more.”

Jamal Al Sharif, Chairman of DFTC and Managing Director of Dubai Studio City added: “It is great to see the ways in which Dubai has developed into a true hub for all types of productions. The filming of Trey’s travelogue in the Emirate is testament to the widespread growth across a number of sectors in Dubai, including travel and tourism, fashion and music, and we are confident that The World Keeps Spinning in Dubai will be another global success.

“This is the first global travelogue show being filmed in the Middle East and we are very proud that Dubai has opened doors for more of these types of productions to come to the region.”

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