Dubai gets Batman v Superman augmented reality experience

Time Out Dubai has information on the Batman v Superman augmented reality experience at Vox Cinemas inside Mall of the Emirates. See pictures and get more details

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in cinemas in only a couple of months, we couldn’t be more excited to see Ben Affleck’s stand-off with Henry Cavill.

But did you know you can actually sample what it feels like to be the famous characters, right here in Dubai?

This weekend, Mall of the Emirates opened up an augmented reality area at the newly-revamped Vox Cinemas, so film fans can get in on the action.

Free to use for the public, the experience adapts automatically to the body of the person standing facing the screen. Anyone can use it, regardless of age, and it is also accessible for people on wheelchairs.

So adults, this might be the perfect opportunity to live out your dreams jumping and playing around while fighting the enemy in an imaginary cape.

The area is available to use up until Saturday January 16 and players are being encouraged to share their experience on social media by tagging @voxcinemas and #BatmanvSuperman. If you do so, Vox will retweet them so you can appear on their social media walls in the cinemas.

In the motion picture out March 24 in the UAE, mankind faces a new threat as Batman starts a personal war against Superman.

Directed by Zack Sneider, Jesse Eisenberg plays Lex Luther and Amy Adams is Lois Lane.

The plot thickens as Luther’s new creation of Doomsday poses a new threat and the superheroes are forced to set aside their differences to save Metropolis with the help of Wonderwoman, played by Gal Gadot.

See how the experience works in the video below:

Watch the Batman v Superman film trailer:

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