For the royal rivalry between talents Ronan and Robbie

Director Adam McKay’s daringly impressionistic biopic

A remake of a hit French comedy-drama

A western starring Jessica Chestain

The pretty obvious follow-up to Unbreakable and Split

A slapstick take on Sherlock Holmes

A drab drama from director-star Clint Eastwood

A super tale about the twilight years of Laurel and Hardy

An updated version of the nanny that fixes everyone’s problems

It’s Deadpool 2 except rated PG13

A chilling thriller with a few twists

A low-budget crime-drama with John Travolta

A rom-com about a man looking to become complete

A unique Christmas zombie musical

An inspired true story based on writer  Charles Dickens

A much-needed reimagining for the Transformers franchise

Light comedy from director of 50 First Dates and Get Smart

Alfonso Cuarón’s heartfelt tribute to the women who raised him


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