A young adult novel adapted for the big screen

A thriller from the man behind the gruelling Bone Tomahawk

An alien invasion movie with a twist

A live-action remake of the Disney classic

A remake of a classic horror flick

Kind of a cross between Big and a fun take on Superman

A spoof on the zombie genre

The first Disney remake of the year

Based on the hit comedy novel of the same name

A low-budget Van Damme action flick

The true story of the first Oxford English Dictionary

Post-World War II drama starring Keira Knightley


A new, thrilling horror flick from Jordan Peele

Undercover crime thriller about betrayal and revenge

A chilling true story about the FBI

A vengeful tale set in New York

A roadtrip comedy about a bunch of misfits on the run

A horror mystery based on a real-life rhyme

A low-key horror, complete with spooky kid


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