An excellent revamp of an iconic horror film

An action-thriller about saving the president

An animated retelling of a timeless novel by Jack London

A tense mystery thriller with a very dark story

An important drama talking about real issues

Typical Hart-led comedy with slapstick gags

This thriller says a lot about our lives online

There’s a recognisably British strain of horror – musty and fusty – that fans don’t see a lot of these days

A mystery indie-flick about an odd marriage

A welcome return of an old favourite

A charming feel-good flick with a great cast

An intriguing, dark tale from a comedy director

For those uninitiated with the world of “creepypasta” (the term for internet-propagated urban legends)

Survival flick told on an epic visual scale

Another in a wealth of summer revenge thrillers

Amazingly, the remake—by Danish director Michael Noer—is nearly as long and equally as depressing as its 1973 version

An adorable nostalgia trip for the whole family

A sequel that could surprise, but also plummet

A quality-looking monster shark flick


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