The Wife

The Wife


Every once in a while, a masterfully crafted film sneakily comes into cinemas to stir up some Oscar buzz – showcasing strong performances, sharp cinematography and presenting hard-hitting modern issues for audiences to ponder on. The Wife is that film for 2018.

Starring six-time Oscar nominee Glenn Close (who should definitely win one this year) and her real-life daughter Annie Stark (playing the younger version of Close’s character) The Wife takes the saying “behind every great man is a great woman” and puts it in motion. It looks at the life of Joan Castleman, who has spent the past 40 years sacrificing her own literary talents to support the career of her husband, Joe. Now, he’s just been chosen to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature, which brings up a host of deep-rooted family issues that make Joan question her life decisions.

The pacing is superbly executed, taking audiences through current events leading up to the prize ceremony and a series of flashbacks showcasing how the 40-year-long issue all began. It’s a clever way to unravel the story, so viewers can effectively see the cracks in each relationship within the family, and how they formed in the first place.

As for the performances – wow. Each dynamic scene between Close and Jonathan Pryce as Joe is brimming with emotional turmoil; from Joan brushing off the celebrations for the Nobel Prize announcement at the start, to the explosiveness at the end. Playing their younger versions, Stark and Max Irons equally steal the show, laying the framework for the inevitable climactic clash.

After a summer of action flicks, this is the best kind of refresher.
Darragh Murphy

The bottom line
An important drama talking about real issues.

By Darragh Murphy | 26 Sep 2018


The Wife
Release DateSeptember 27, 2018
DirectorBjörn Runge
CastingGlenn Close, Jonathan Pryce, Max Irons, Annie Stark