Traditional Emirati food in a modern, swish venue

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Modern Khaleeji food offers an interesting twist on the cuisine’s original dishes, and Logma is one of the best places to experience this versatility for the whole family (and especially if you have guests visiting).

Location-wise, it’s far fancier than the BoxPark branch of the brand. The Dubai Mall’s new Fashion Avenue extension is very high-end and Logma’s on-top-of-the-world spot in the mall gives you stunning views.

The restaurant’s red and blue motif gives the place Logma’s signature feel, while décor is simple, with the occasional framed black-and-white photo for a bit of a throwback – nostalgia prevails, but there’s a trendy vibe, too.

The restaurant is one of the cleanest setups we’ve visited and staff are attentive and sweet – almost as sweet as Logma’s Instagrammable milk cakes we spot on the menu, which we build into our order plan in advance.

To start we go for the famous Logma fries and halloumi sticks, and we’re not disappointed.

We’ve never seen potatoes this happy looking, sprinkled with herbs and drizzled with little drops of hot sauce. They’re piping hot, crispy and as moreish as fries can be.

And although halloumi will never take mozzarella’s place when it comes to the deep-fried starter in our eyes, but there’s something about its tangy squeakiness that we can’t get enough of.

For main courses we try the falafel-stuffed khameer from the extensive list of sandwich fillings. Three pieces of falafel sit inside each slice – they’re large, not at all dry and totally delicious. Meanwhile, the pickles add a warm kick as well as a pleasnt crunch to the mix.

Don’t miss dessert at Logma. As we’re at The Dubai Mall branch, we opt for a dish exclusive to the venue. The Logma Toast is modified French toast, with an added touch of date and rose syrup stickiness for the perfect Middle Eastern treat. It’s easily one of the best desserts we’ve had in the city and we gobble it up eagerly.

Logma is a restaurant that knows what it’s doing. The dishes are executed with attention to detail and we’re impressed with the fine dining feel.
The ambience, service, cleanliness and overall vibes of this family-friendly eatery make it a must-visit, especially if you like Khaleeji food. Go on, get on that escalator – it’s worth it.
Open daily 10am-10pm. Fashion Avenue, The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai (800 56462).

Traditional Emiratifood in a modern, swish venue

The Logma Toast

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