Homegrown brand Coffee Planet will be giving away PS4s too

If eye-popping animation and irresistable combat that involves beating up enemies with a barking dog is your jam, Indivisible won’t disappoint

Dubai’s new gaming, video and music festival acclaimed animator and Mr. Bean producer Tom Beattie and more

There are free fitness classes and more to try

Obsidian’s complete hands-on take on the space race could launch itself to comedic stardom

UAE’s telecom company presented advance robotics and more

Regional talent can submit original work for a chance to be showcased at the festival

The 2019 FIRST Global challenge will task students with solving ocean preservation

Dubai’s biggest three-day gaming extravaganza set to also be its ‘Greenest’

Schools across the Middle East will face off for scholarships worth Dhs255,000

The three-day gaming extravaganza also reveals YouTube stars coming to Dubai

The huge three-day gaming event has also confirmed a world-famous name

Jones The Grocer’s ‘Durr Burger’ brings the gaming character to life

Register for "Road To INSOMNIA" to compete during the massive three-day gaming extravaganza

Celebrate the Season 10 launch with Mo Vlogs, Ahmed Al Nasheet and more at Dubai Festival City Mall

Tickets are now on sale for the event in October

The city’s gaming scene is growing here’s where to play

Here’s what you need to be playing

Time Out Dubai catches up with famous YouTuber Ali A

Insomnia Gaming Festival will bring major eSport competitions


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