UAE Tech new of the week: Google buys Fitbit and Overwatch gets a sequel

Esports in Dubai also gets a major investment

UAE Tech new of the week: Google buys Fitbit and Overwatch gets a sequel

Sometimes, the biggest changes in the world of gaming and tech don’t actually make big differences, no matter how many dirhams are spent or how big a gaming title is.

That rings quite true in the news this week, with Fitbit being bought up by Google and massive multiplayer shoot Overwatch getting a whole sequel. Will Fitbit function the same way? Probably. Will the way gamers play each of Overwatch’s 31 heroes differ? Not in the slightest.

That being said, one thing that won’t virtually stay the same is Dubai’s Esport gaming scene, as Dubai-based W Ventures has invested quite a few million dirhams to improve the industry in the region. That’s something we’re excited to see.

Without further ado, let’s see what’s in the news

A fitting purchase
After years of trying to crack into the smart watch market (and not doing the best of jobs), Google decided that if you can’t beat them, buy them.
The fitness tracking company Fitbit was recently bought by Google for $2.1bn (Dhs7.71bn). But don’t worry, Fitbit will make sure that your private data won’t be used for those pesky Google ads.

Overwatch, squared
Blizzard’s outstandingly popular team-based multiplayer FPS may have lost a little steam ever since Fortnite arrived on digital shelves, and we didn’t think a sequel would be its saviour, but here we are. It looks the same as the original, but it will bring more ‘Player vs Environment’ content, which hopefully brings more of its forever-building story.

Investing in the pros
Over the years, Dubai has hosted progressively bigger Esport tournaments and teams such as Yalla Esports are now qualifying in huge international events – where the prize pool runs into the millions. So it makes sense that Dubai-based W Ventures is investing $50m (Dhs186.6m) in the Middle East Esport gaming scene.

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