Review: GIRLGAMER Esports Festival Dubai

Dubai perfectly set the stage for the world’s biggest all-women gaming festival and championship

Review: GIRLGAMER Esports Festival Dubai

Only in Dubai would you find a decked- (and teched-) out stage boasting ten gaming PCs and one big screen showing off the live feeds of pro gamers playing championship-level gameplay – all outdoors. That may be thanks to the UAE’s weather this time of year, but its the set-up that Meydan Grandstand boasts that truly made the GIRLGAMER Esports Festival one to head to, especially if you’re a fan of competitive gameplay.

Taking place over three days, the debut of the world finals of the biggest all-women gaming festival not only gave Dubai the chance to show how well it can host a major gaming tournament, but its chilled-out yet highly-entertaining vibes and excitement made it a place for families to enjoy.

With a list of day-long activations and events, including cosplay competitions, talks from notable voice actors and influencers, and even hip-hop superstar Gucci Mane making an appearance, GIRLGAMER was a weekend for gamers of any age to come together and realise that yes, there is a formidable gaming scene the city has to offer. However, it was the Esports championship that saw some of the best girl gamers of MOBA League of Legends and FPS CounterStrike Go duke it out that really brought crowds in.

A few of the matches, especially between teams Assassins and Dignitas in CounterStike, were incredibly intense because of how close they were. While entertaining, the festival felt a spaced out though, having it in a more compact time frame could have helped.

It also gave local representatives Galaxy Racer UAE a chance to show off their skills in League of Legends, and gamers around Dubai were clearly showing their support.

With the UAE’s gaming industry starting to boom, it begs the question: is there potential for the UAE’s Esports scene to soar? Now, with Dubai hosting its first major championship and having its own team qualify, we can answer that with a solid yes.

The final of the world’s biggest all-women gaming fest –done right

Laid-back vibes, jam-packed schedule and thrilling atmosphere

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