Try these 11 brilliant games you can get lost in

Escape your real-world worries and get playing

Try these 11 brilliant games you can get lost in

There’s only so much binge-watching, copious amounts of cooking and solo-partying one can do in the UAE before it all gets a tad jaded.

That’s when it’s time to change up the at-home schedule and lose yourself in another world, and video games give everyone the chance to do just that. What a world we live in.

Imagine spending hours traversing the terrain of Ancient Greece, swinging through the streets of New York as everyone’s favourite web-head and or, you know, simply farming. There’s a game out there for everyone, you just have to find it.

Luckily, we’ve found a few to help you on that search, each with a world to easily get lost in. Your flat won’t feel so cramped after booting these ace games up.

The Sims 4

What is it? You’ve been living under a computer-less rock if you’ve not come across The Sims. It feels like almost everyone played the earlier versions of this game growing up. For the uninitiated, it’s a life-simulation game where you control the life of your custom-made person.

Why play? Well, you rule in The Sims, controlling your character’s personality, the environment and pretty much everything else. There’s endless fun to be had, but you might find the power goes to your head when you start putting your Sims in the pool and taking away the ladders, it’s time for a break.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

What is it? The eleventh in a series of epic open-world games that are known for their historical accuracy (sometimes), brain-boggling puzzles and thrilling combat. This time, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the Peloponnesian War in ancient Greece – Spartan kicks included.

Why play? To change the course of history. This game is less focused on mindless violence than its predecessors, and you’ll get to make decisions that will affect the story and the outcome of the game. Choose wisely.

Mario Kart

What is it? An absolute classic is what it is. This nostalgia-packed racing game has been around since ’92, and it’s still just as fun as it was back then. You pick your fave Super Mario character (baby Mario, anyone?) and race against your mates using whatever bonkers items you can to win.

Why play? This game is guaranteed to produce laughter in spades (and a few tears) as you and your pals bolt along tracks from across the Super Mario universe. Also, when you get the chance to fling a blue shell seconds before the lead racer is crossing the finish line, it’s a ridiculously great feeling.

Red Dead Redemption 2

What is it? You’ve heard of Grand Theft Auto, right? Well, Red Dead is like that but with cowboys. The open-world is humongous and the story is rich and full of detail.

Why play? For some rootin’, tootin’ cowboy fun. There are few games that are as easy to get lost in as Red Dead. If you want to do the whole story it’ll take around 70 to 80 hours, but the real fun is in riding around on your horse, fighting bandits and coming across some strange residence of the land.

Candy Crush Saga

What is it? We all know what this one is. You may have seen people on public transport frantically tapping at their phone as they try to complete yet another level. If you somehow haven’t heard of Candy Crush, it’s a puzzle game where you match coloured candies in order to complete the goals of that particular level.

Why play? As groan-worthy as it used to be to receive endless Facebook invites from people trying to advance their own candy-careers, there is a reason this game became so ridiculously popular. It will absorb you in all of its candy-related puzzles, just don’t get too worked up about a simple loss.

Farming Simulator 20

What is it? A hyper-realistic farming simulation game (so as the title suggests) where you nurture crops, deal with livestock and sell your farm-created goods. Like farming, except virtually.

Why play? See what life could be like if you weren’t sat at a desk every day. At first glance, it seems ridiculous that this game is even a thing but they have been releasing a new one nearly every year since 2008. That’s how popular it is. Also, who hasn’t wanted to get behind the wheel of a combine harvester?


What is it? One of the few successful superhero game adaptations in existence. Seriously, they nearly always fail to live up to the hype our much-loved heroes generate but this one is a winner.

Why play? Erm, to become Spider-Man, no less. If you don’t think swinging around NYC’s skyscrapers sounds fun, we urge you to try this game anyway. Plus, there’s the added satisfaction of beating up bucket-loads of bad guys.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

What is it? Nintendo’s non-linear life simulation game with the one goal of building your dream island. It’s recently released, and for many has been the go-to game everyone needs right now. You can thank an anthropomorphic raccoon for inviting you to the island.

Why play? To be happy. Yes, that is the true goal of Animal Crossing, as it’s full of cute sights, sounds and characters to put a smile on your face while you catch bugs and fish, design your island and visit others as well. There is always something to do in New Horizons, it’s a simple treat not to be missed.

Lego The Incredibles

What is it? An action-adventure game based on both of the ‘The Incredibles’ films, only with more right angles. There’s puzzle-solving, loads of bad guys to fight and, of course, heaps of awesome superpowers.

Why play? Who hasn’t wanted to run as fast as Dash or stretch like Elastigirl? Well, now you can. This game is all about having fun; just because it’s designed for younger players doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast playing out the story from two epic Disney movies.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

What is it? One of the most popular RPGs of all time. It came out back in 2015, and along with the new Netflix series, has pretty much been in the spotlight since. If you haven’t seen the show, The Witcher is a magical mercenary who hunts all sorts of mystic monsters.

Why play? It’s about so much more than just slaying evil creatures (don’t worry, there’s a lot of that, too). This game goes deep into character stories and lore. If you’re a fantasy aficionado, you’ll love it, and it has a game within a game: Gwent, a strategy card game you could easily play for hours before you crack on with the story.

Stardew Valley

What is it? Your chance to escape the bustle of the city. Your character has just inherited their grandfather’s rundown farm in Stardew Valley. Armed with hand-me-down tools, you’ll try and transform the homestead and live by the sweat of your brow.

Why play? It’s much more compelling than it sounds. There is a strange sort of satisfaction that you can only get from tilling virtual fields and chopping down virtual trees. It’s hard to put down, and before you know it you’ll be teaching your kids all about life on the farm.

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