Kintsugi Studio launches yoga for kids

Classes to help little ones relax and deal with their emotions 

Kintsugi Studio launches yoga for kids

This new Dubai yoga centre has caught our attention. First, because it’s the only one in the city with a salt room, but most importantly because of the kids’ classes on offer.

Yoga for little ones can help them focus and centre themselves with a variety of breathing, meditation and yogic practices.They learn how to deal with the emotions they’re feeling, and become fitter, stronger and more confident.

There’s a four-week, eight-day package for kids which includes different classes such as swing and ashtanga yoga, hula hoop and more this month, and regular yoga classes starting soon.

“Youngsters will learn in every class, through a variety of practices. Classes are fun and educational at the same time, and will help them get better grades and build character,”says Anjaan, general manager at Kintsugi.
Dhs399 (eight classes), Dhs89 (single class). Aspect Tower, Business Bay, Dubai (058 911 0002).

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