King’s College Hospital Dubai launches free service for mothers

New Mum and Baby clinic to offer sessions and support

King’s College Hospital Dubai launches free service for mothers

Mums and mums-to-be can now get free midwifery care at King’s College Hospital London’s Dubai branch. The New Well Mum and Baby clinic will provide new mothers with a support system based on community care.

Mothers will get all the help and specialised assistance they need, just as they would back home in a familiar, friendly environment, starting with feeding assessments to identify any potential problems and solve them.

Specialists will also offer consultations, monitor baby weight and development, conduct discharge talks and provide information on mum and baby well-being. Plus, new mums will get a clinic booklet outlining important medical details.

Doctors will also advise on services and procedures to prevent possible re-admissions.

This service is free of charge and open to any new or expecting mothers, regardless of the hospital or medical facility they come from, who will have access to three one-hour sessions/consultations each of holistic antenatal and postnatal care.

They’ll be given the opportunity to discuss everything from weaning to sleeping patterns, or any others concerns they may have.

Several clinicians at King’s will be involved in the new sessions, including the associate chief operations and nursing officer, sister midwife, paediatric sister OPD, obstetric and paediatric team, as well as a physiotherapist.

The clinic will be available, initially, for two months, with the aim of raising awareness over the most important mum-and-baby care topics.

King’s College Dubai's future plans also include sending out a “midwives’ bus” which will tour communities to speak with mothers, as well as monthly coffee mornings covering different topics.
Free. Sun and Thu 1pm-3pm.

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