Dubai's newest support group for mums

Expat Mamas is the newest kid on the block, and it’s bringing something different to the table

Dubai's newest support group for mums
Dubai's newest support group for mums  Image #2
Dubai's newest support group for mums  Image #3

Expat mums face the challenge of not having a full support system as they would back home. From finding the right hospital to give birth at to dealing with a fussy eater, sometimes video-calling the family just won’t do. Expat mums Francesca Hilton and Stephanie Hall have seen it all, and decided it was time to team up.

“We saw a niche in the market for an honest approach to pregnancy and motherhood in Dubai, especially in the world of social media. You’ll more often than not find us with no makeup on crying into an Instagram story on two hours sleep than anything else – and it’s really quite refreshing.,” says Hilton.

So, how did the ladies get there? “The idea came after us meeting for the very first time last summer through social media and being so close in due dates. We’re both career girls with our husbands working away – parallel lives. Our main objective is to share the real truths behind pregnancy and being a new mum, from babies with reflux to sleep deprivation,” she adds.

The mums wanted to help others and build a “real deal” community, no filter required.

“We’re in discussions at the moment to create a Mindful Mummy Monday group, which will focus on mums’ mental health, emotional support and also have an educational part. It will be accessible to specialists as well as a place where mums feel they can come together,” says Hall.

The mothers’ first Dubai event, which was held last January, was a mum morning with a twist. Covering everything from prams and car seats to prep machines, nurseries and hypnobirthing, Bump & The Newborn Bubble was a huge success.

“We just loved our first Expat Mamas event and were so overwhelmed by the response. It has really proved to us that what we’ve created was really needed. We were expecting 80 mums at most, and 170 turned up. Our favourite part was the panel and sharing the expertise and knowledge of such amazing specialists that have helped us on our journeys. From what to shop at Mamas & Papas to Dr Rania’s expertise on reflux and just helping new mums and mums-to-be with useful hints, tips and tricks, it was all in there,” says Hales.

As for other support groups in the UAE, the mums – who now have over 30,000 followers combined on social media, believe that there’s still room for more.

“We value some of the mum groups we’ve dealt with. For example, Baby Massage with Louise at Malaak is fantastic, but we do feel that there’s a need for ones that are focused on the real challenges behind pregnancy and motherhood. Expat Mamas was born through a need of sisterhood support when we both didn’t have our loved ones around. We definitely want to address the mental health aspect of motherhood as well and really try to deliver information as it comes up on our journeys,” says Halls.

The mum adds: “The biggest difference being an expat mama for us is not having family around the corner, but we’re blessed to be able to afford support, taking our little ones to the pool on the weekend and love that the sun is always shining.
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A support group for expat mums in Dubai

There’s so much to see and learn

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