Jood Palace Dubai

Five-star alcohol-free hotel in Deira

A haven of extravagance in downtown Deira, the Taj Palace Hotel is a grand mass of glass and steel. Decked out with regal curtains, plush sofas and deep carpets, it is keen to uphold traditional Arabian ideals, and as such no women work past eleven at night and it’s one of only two top-end hotels in the city not to serve alcohol.

These values have made the Taj hugely popular with visitors from Gulf countries, particular Saudi Arabian businessmen. The rooms are unusually large – and we mean large – combining wooden floors and stylish furnishings to comforting effect. Health facilities are unisex, and the rooftop pool and tranquil and stylish Ayoma Spa are deservedly popular.

It’s an excellent option for those happy to skip glass of wine with dinner. And if you do decide to dine in, try their Indian restaurant, Handi.


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