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A few years back, we had the privilege of interviewing the now-late, forever great screen legend Richard Harris. Among the many topics we discussed – the vast majority of which remain unprintable – was the subject of Hollywood, home of the movies. “The thing about it,” Harris observed, “is that however brilliant it may be, the bottom line is that it’s still 12 hours there, 12 hours back and 12 hours of kissing cheeks and talking nonsense while you’re there.”

And that was from London. From Dubai, those 12 hours are actually an interminable 16 and a half – one of the longest-haul, costliest flights around – and, when you get there, you’ll also have to battle a 12-hour time difference guaranteed to make Bill Murray’s jet-lagged insanity in Lost In Translation look like a breeze. It’s also highly unlikely you’ll find yourself sharing a hotel with Scarlett Johansson, but that is perhaps beside the point.

So it is with not-inconsiderable excitement that we have coming to Dubai, a development that will permanently solve this eternal dilemma: by bringing Hollywood to you. Expected to launch at the end of 2017, Paramount Hotels & Resorts is, of all of Dubai’s many new hotel projects, the one with the most exciting and most unique USP – a luxury lifestyle pitch that will submerge you in the world of the movies, right on your own doorstep.

We sat down with Thomas van Vliet, CEO of Paramount Hotels & Resorts, to bring you the skinny on a place that he says is, “For the creative, by the creatives”.



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