Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

Pretty hotel on Jumeirah Beach Road

Situated at the beginning of the Jumeirah Beach Road in the built-up area of Jumeirah, the Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa is the beachfront hotel closest to the action.

The resort’s great location, small but attractive beach, lush gardens and two swimming pools make it an ideal leisure venue, while its proximity to the city gives it the edge for beach-loving business travellers.

Accommodation is scattered in 33 low-rise villa-style buildings spread throughout the resort, with each villa containing only six suites. The quiet, green gardens and a sun-drenched stretch of sand make Dubai Marine a perfect chill-out spot, if you do want to get active there are tennis courts on site. While the rooms themselves could do with a facelift, the complex as a whole is a great place to relax before hitting the onsite buzzing bars (try Sho Cho) and restaurants when night falls.


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