Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa

Luxury Meridien hotel on the Jumeirah beachfront

Roses are a big deal at the Royal Meridien. In the rooms are finger bowls of water floating with petals to dip the digits; more rose residue scatters the bed and the bathroom has more blooms than a florist on 13 February. Such in-your-face opulence is typical of Le Meridien’s flagship brand and the pools, gardens and great stretch of sand have been sculpted in a timelessly classic style.

Accommodation is offered in either the main hotel or the stand-alone Tower or Club complexes; whichever you choose, all rooms are sea facing, large, bright and comfortable, with balconies to enjoy the view down the beach or over the Gulf. The 15-storey Tower is the newest and flashiest option, with panoramic windows and beds that could happily sleep a hippo. Sexy European clients flitter around the upmarket all-beige coffee spaces and bars, and it is doubtful that the pool has seen a full swimsuit in its life. For more decadence, head to the Roman Spa.


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