Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek

Dubai’s first five star hotel is still going strong

Almost as old as the UAE itself, this 1970s monolith was Dubai’s first five star and is the granddaddy of the hotel scene.

While impeccable service, brilliant restaurants and interesting decor still make the Radisson Blu (formerly known as the InterContinental) a fine place to stay, you can’t escape the feeling that time has taken its toll.

On the plus side, recent renovations have updated the place a little and the furnishings, although plain, are very tasteful. Views are of either the large hotel pool or the majestic Creek, and are stunning regardless of the way your window faces.

The black marble-walled executive club is a little cold, but is a popular spot for businessmen to sit and take in the colourful corniche views. It’s a fair option for travellers who want to experience the city rather than baste themselves on the beach, but the Radisson is no longer the leading light it once was.


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