UAE will have world's greenest eco resort

Time Out Dubai has news and video of the Oasis Eco Resort in Liwa, as it is confirmed the UAE will have world's greenest eco resort

You can rub your eyes as much as you like, this isn’t a mirage!

A state-of-the-art eco resort, described by its creators as the greenest on the planet, will open in the Liwa desert in 2020.


Centred round a natural spring that was discovered deep under the desert sand, Oasis Eco Resort will offer its future guests a unique experience, and one that’s very different from the fast-pace and lavishness of the big cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

A staggering 157,000 square feet of solar panels, encircling the oasis in a beautiful ribbon-like shape, will provide power for the whole resort, which will include 84 interconnecting suites designed in various styles.

As if the serene desert vibes and lush green surroundings weren’t already enough to wind down from city life and modernity, guests will be able to pick their own organic food from the eco resort’s allotments and even catch fish from the spring.

Those who don’t have green fingers or aren’t any good with a fishing rod will be happy to know Oasis Eco Resort will have spa, beauty and wellness facilities for real organic pampering.

Above all, this upcoming project by Dubai-based company Baharash Architecture will offer a clearer insight into UAE’s pre-oil boom heritage than any ultra-modern hotel and shopping centre in the city. After all, natural springs were central to Bedouin lifestyle, trade and transport routes.

“When we found out we could extract groundwater using a deep well, it gave us the opportunity to create a story around the spring,” designer and founder Baharash Bagherian was quoted as saying by The National.

Baharash Architecture are an international award-winning studio responsible for numerous projects around the world. In the UAE they have also been commissioned to design a luxury eco-retreat - 'completely energy self-sufficient, using solar panels, smart glass windows  and more' - for one 'high-profile individual' (below.)

They have also played a key role in the development of Dubai Sustainable City, a development which will feature 500 townhouses and counrtyard villas, a Planetarium, grass amphitheatre, equestrian club, running tracks and more, all powered by 600,000 square feet of solar cells.

UAE’s ruling families also have their roots in the Liwa desert, residing around the oasis up until the 18th century when they made Abu Dhabi their home.

Liwa also offers lower temperatures than other parts of the UAE due to higher altitude and has herds of Arabian oryx and sand gazelles roaming around its dunes and date plantation landscape.

For more information on Baharash Architecture, visit their website.

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