Cheapest hotel in Dubai?

Time Out has information on plans for cheapest hotel in Dubai for $2 a night, to open in time for Expo2020

Private dining rooms in Dubai

Ask ten random people in Dubai what their number one worry is and rent is very likely to come up at least once in conversation.

It’s a concern that’s replicated across many big cities around the world but one small London-based startup called Chototel is adamant about offering a solution to suffocating rental costs, including those of the UAE.

They’ve just set up their first super-budget hotel in Nagothane, an industrial hub near Mumbai, where each of its 240 rooms cost just $2 a night.

In an interview with UAE daily The National, Chototel’s founder Rhea Silva has revealed that Dubai and the UAE are now in her imminent plans.

The accommodation is definitely not luxurious but what were you expecting for just over Dhs7?

In fact, they offer plenty of bang for your two bucks.

Each room is 280square feet with free cable TV access with a pay-per-use basis for uninterrupted electricity, water, gas and internet.

If we’re completely honest, the chances of Chototel becoming a favourite for tourists in Dubai are slim, but for unfussy travelers on a budget and low-earning workers Chototel could be a life saver.

One other massive perk for permanent residents is the fact that ‘the people’s hotel’ doesn’t require a down payment or a long lease, unlike pretty much all long-term accommodation in the Emirates.

When asked if the would-be cheapest hotel in town will be in the UAE by the time of Expo2020, Silva told The National "most definitely".

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