Keep the kids fit with PGA Professional Golf

PGA golf spokesperson Jonathan Craddock tells us about the values, and skills, of budding golfing champs

Keep the kids fit with PGA Professional Golf

Honesty, respect, sportsmanship and etiquette are a big part of learning to play golf – all values which are of great benefit to kids, but what else can the precision sport teach them?

“Life and social skills are a big part of learning to play golf. It’s extremely beneficial for children at a young age to develop these types of attributes and characteristics, as it will benefit them on the long run and during day-to-day activities,” says Craddock. 

Overall, learning to play golf is a great way for children to socialise, acquire discipline and enjoy a great outdoor activity in Dubai.

“We recommend starting as early as possible,” adds Craddock. “For example, the Dubai Golf Little Champions Programme is designed specifically for youngsters aged between four and six years old and is an ideal way to introduce your little ones to golf.  Classes are limited to a maximum of six kids per instructor to ensure that safety and enjoyment are always paramount.”

For older kids, the Dubai Golf Junior Programme is designed for youngsters aged seven to 17 years old.

“Our programmes focus more on fundamental movement skills and athlete progression rather than sports-specific skills. This also provides children with the opportunity to develop their academic skills,” explains Craddock.

Vision test, check, outdoor fun, check, sports: let the golf fun begin.
From Dhs1,000 (eight weeks). Starting Sep. Various locations including Emirates Golf Club, Emirates Hills, Dubai (04 417 9845).

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