Mum support groups: meet Team America

For these ladies, offering all-round help for mothers was the way to go. 

Mum support groups: meet Team America
Mum support groups: meet Team America Image #2
Mum support groups: meet Team America Image #3

Does every mum  support group need to be massive? Truth is, it really doesn’t. American Moms DXB presents the perfect example of a group that may only have 1,551 members on Facebook, but is the talk of the town.

“American Moms DXB started out as a Facebook group with a few ladies who were trying to connect with others of the same background here in the UAE, eventually turning into a support community for expats with American ties,” says co-founder Jenny Najm Kassis.

“We focus on helping our members with everything, from which areas are the best to live in and what schools are the most suitable, to which doctors fit our needs and parenting styles. We even make it easier for mums to find certain brands,” she adds.

As for Instagram, American Moms’ goal for the account is to help spread the word to expats residing in the UAE, or ones who may be thinking of relocating.

“We just want everyone to know that there’s a thriving American expat community waiting with open arms to help them adjust and make friends. We have such a diverse group, it’s hard not to find a friend at our coffee mornings. Instagram also helps showcase what a wonderful experience you can have by moving to the UAE,” says American Moms co-founder Marlo Narch.

So, what does the group just love to do? Well, meet up of course.

“Typically, our meet-ups are really easygoing, and we try to keep a nice balance between coffee, dinner and getting a getting a break from our kids. It helps keep our community strong. One of the best feelings is when we get together, no one is left out and everyone acts as if we’re all just old friends. It feels really nice to find that so far away from home,” explains Kassis.

The private group was created for women who are at any stage of their lives, with ties to the USA, in order to help them get adjusted, and hence joining is completely free of charge.

“Anyone can follow our journeys on Instagram on @americanmomsdxb. If you’re an American woman in Dubai, reach out to us and we’d love to share your story through our Mom of the Week programme where you get to tell us about your journey in Dubai so far,” adds Narche.

For Kassis and Narche, it was all about facilitating a judgement-free open forum for mums to ask any questions and find answers in real time from ladies who have been there and knew exactly what to do and where to go.

The two mothers believe that Dubai offers just the right landscape for these types of groups where members grow and boost friendships through gatherings and social media platforms, and that there’s no shortage of helping hands.

“This is such an amazing place to be an expat in. Everything is here, you just have to know where to look – or ask American Moms DXB,” says Narche.

“As expats, I find that we need to slow down and be kind and courteous to eachother. We’re mostly all in this together now, and are only here in the UAE for a short period of time in the grand scheme of things – so we should try to enjoy and embrace every little thing.”
For more information, visit American Moms in Dubai on Facebook.

A group for American mums to share expat lifestyle tips

It’s the biggest community for American mothers in the UAE

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