Meet the mums: the parenting podcast

From kids' drama to weight loss hypnosis, we interview two mums who find humour in the pace of daily life 

Meet the mums: the parenting podcast
Meet the mums: the parenting podcast  Image #2
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mid-life crises, summer camps, the stages of back to school and turning 40 – these are just some of the topics mums Jenny and Mish discuss in their weekly Two Mums in Dubai podcasts. They chat about their lives, kids and homes, connecting with other mothers and helping them along every step of the way.

“We’re two tired, sarcastic mums who love to talk and make people laugh. Our podcast focuses on our kids and Mum life, but also our careers and identities beyond motherhood,” says Mish from Two Mums in Dubai.

Mish hails from the US and has been in Dubai for six years, while Jenny is a Brit who has just completed her first “Dubai decade”.

“Between us, we have four (ahem), shall we say energetic boys, hence the dark grey under-eye circles which we’re working on eradicating – have a listen to episode 40,” says Jenny.

“Mish is the brains behind Two Mums in Dubai and put out the first episode. We both know how it feels like to be a fresh expat in the UAE, and became mums here too. These are life experiences that are happy, terrifying and lonely in equal measure. We want to reach out to other mums in a way that traditional media can’t,” she adds.

But how have the mums managed to convey the concept of “non-traditional media”, namely podcasts, to a potential audience?

“Constant repetition and shouting. We joke. We know podcasts are a new concept for many people, so each time we put out an episode, we’re careful to explain the content and how to access it. We’re both massive podcast fans,” says Mish.

“Unlike live radio, you can easily stop and start a podcast and listen wherever – be it on your phone, in the car, in bed, on the sofa and when you’re pretending to listen to your husband,” she adds.

Two Mums in Dubai cover many topics, including some lesser known ones and even digs further to explore controversial subjects such as the term “trailing spouse” and plastic surgery with all of what it entails.

“Every episode, we start with a round-up of the day-to-day lunacy of family life and being a working mum. Recently, we both laughed out loud listening to ourselves on how we had totally overcomplicated Halloween for our kids. That seemed to strike a chord with our followers.

Perhaps we’re not so odd, after all – if people can relate?” adds Mish.

While mums can relate to being busy all the time and being superwomen, it was the two mums’ shared outlook on life that made it easier for them to host the podcast together.

“We share similar views on balance, perfection and “mum guilt”. Frankly, it all becomes too much. Jenny is reviews editor for education website and I’m an architect working in a senior role in the mechanical engineering industry. We just do our best, for our families, careers, friends – and that’s mostly enough,” says Mish.

The group also has a following on social media. “We want to give mums the feeling that they’re sitting with their girlfriends having a chat. We talk about frustrations, jokes and more. We’re just two girlfriends to keep you company and listen when you’re sick of baby talk, sharing our friendship and the good times we spend together with you.”
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A podcast for mums that covers hot topics

Two Mums in Dubai is all about real life struggles, and all the good stuff that comes with them

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