Now showing: Dragon Ball’s newest movie reviewed

Goku makes a comeback like you’ve never seen before

Now showing: Dragon Ball’s newest movie reviewed

There's a new legend penned by by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, the first film in the new Super series, and anime action movie lovers are going to want to watch it.

Dragon Ball Super: Brolly tells the story of a planet destroyed and a powerful race reduced to almost nothing. After the wide wave of demise at Planet Vegeta, three Saiyans among the stars come face to face in a battle with eachother.

With two finding their home on Earth, the third’s desire for vengeance develops into an unblievable power. The time for revenge has come, and it’s time for destinies to collide. The resulting battle will shake the universe to its very core.

The production style of this film can best be summed up in Director Nagamine’s words: “If Goku has undergone an upgrade, then the visuals must be upgraded as well.” Goku’s comeback is strong, and the new Dragon Ball is a contemporary, high quality version that’s worthy of his evolution.

Not only is the transformation displayed in Dragon Ball Super: Broly an appropriate one for over 30 years of legendary titles, but it also represents the challenge that it was to depart from the films that had come before it.

This is the first Super film, and you can expect refreshed character designs from the TV series. Mr. Iyoku at Shueisha’s “Dragon Ball Unit” proposed a challenge to filmmakers in terms of renewal because of Toriyama’s drawing style, which has also changed. But fans won’t be disappointed. The Super film is all about the Dragon Ball of today, with a shade that’s been adapted to fit the original manga’s. Naohiro Shintani was handpicked by Toriyama himself to create the new designs.

What characterises Shintani’s renewed designs is that they have a slim silhouette when compared with the previous ones, perhaps for a more modern style, but they also achieve the feeling of a fine balance on screen.

Dragon Ball Super: Brolly may just have the most fast-paced action of any Dragon Ball film to date, and that alone is worth a visit to the cinema.

The first movie in the Super film series

A new look for Goku that’s well-adapted to the original manga’s

Tatsuya Nagamine

Now showing

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